Monday, February 29, 2016

As we shift - The Love you Make

The Beatles said it beautifully.  “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

There are coming to you choices.  Choices of circumstance.  Choices of focus.  Choices of emotion.  Choices of location.

These are not multiple choice and standardized as if in a test and able to be assessed.  All choices are correct ones.  Your options are infinite; all of them held in the field you occupy.

Today I ran across some “Love Quest” writing from 2014.  Some of this post includes those words and raises the possibility of holding those events again.  This journey to agape, it turns out, is the one we came for and are still on now.

Here’s how it works.  It is the focus of your consciousness. Those choices create the field you occupy. As you choose compassion – compassion is demonstrated either visibly or as an opportunity to be shown, in your field. As you choose forgiveness – more options to forgive and to be forgiven show up in your field.  As you choose foods that are alive and supportive – options for supporting your physical life become visible. As you choose anger – you will witness it in your field as an option to be expressed or feel the brunt of.  As you choose lonely – you will see evidence that you are alone.  As you choose unity you will witness your inability to separate and thus experience oneness.  As you choose agape – everywhere you’ll see a chance to love.

We do not rest in an infinite field, but one that is defined and limited by our focus/belief/choices. 


The entrance to this field is not hidden.  It is found in self-love.  This does not mean the things you imagine.  It means to honor the ground you walk on.

And what of the “other”? Regardless of question asked or reason given – when you speak about loving another it is always an illusion.  For “other” does not exist.  All is one.  Other is a reflection.  Relationships are played out versions of self-love.  You are creator gods.

Become (in your illusion) a positive force for every “other”. Gently absorb them as if they were your final breath – not gasping and clawing for them, but breathe them in quietly for the gift that they are.

Love does not hurt.  It does not have an opinion. You imagine there is a way for some other to hurt you.  Your imaginings cause you real pain.  You say you are lonely or (fill in the blank).  This field you are in can only demonstrate options that you consciousness holds as truth. You must love yourself first. We’ve come here to help each other.  To teach each other.  About love.

Your journey is mine and is ours.  This is what we came to see if we could do.  Love ourselves despite discomfort.  Love while we are not “getting what we want”. The discomfort  brings up our resistance, our self-loathing, our opinions, our judgment, our distrust, our hatred.

Resistance to any aspect of love in your life is resistance to love.  Period. This is something you don’t want to look at.  Why? The reasons all begin with because. Throw out that word. At its root is blame, accusation, division, hatred.  There is only love.

What’s at stake is everything.  This Shift only happens with agape.  All love is self-love.  Gaze into your mirror with new eyes.  Your beliefs create your field.  Your intentions created your life. Intend to love.  You may have to let go to get there.

What will you have to release? Control. Expectation. Opinion. Judgment. Blame. This Shift doesn’t require anyone’s response to you before it can be felt. 

To love is to give the world all that you are. The field created in this consciousness includes the choice to shift as One.  We’ll see that option when we get to Agape. 

Trust and let go.  You know what to do. Without exception love yourself.  That’s all there is to it.  You are the one we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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