Wednesday, February 10, 2016

... Do you remember?

One of the misconceptions of Denice's work is that it is all channeled, it is not.  She has a communication device implanted in her ear as part of pre-birth agreement with the Galactics associated with the Neptune and Related Spheres from the Sphere Alliance.  Denice was a long time communications officer with them before this incarnation. This is why she can relay such great technical detail on subjects she has now knowledge and do it as fast as she can type it. 

She also get a great deal of information via telepathy which she has worked on for years in a similar manner as Eileen Meyer and Sophia Love. 

In the "between moments" the Galactics send her music, and YouTube links of music they like. Denice calls this her "I-RADIO"....  this was playing last night...  

Great tune, I forgot how good it was!

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