Sunday, February 14, 2016

Because the Sun Was in Your Eyes

HEAVEN LETTER #5558 Because the Sun Was in Your Eyes

God said:

You are so on the verge of a new discovery. You are on the cusp of a giant leap upward and forward. You do not have to hunt for it, this leap. You will simply see it. You will see the high point of your life right in front of you. It will be stunningly joyful. And off you go.

You are going to know what happiness is. How happy you will be. How you will laugh. How life will sustain your laughter. You will fly to new heights in laughter. You will join Me in laughter.

Tons of weight will fall off your shoulders, and you will be as light as air. You will fly to happiness. You will be an angel from afar who picks yourself up and soars in the blue Heavenward. You will know Who you are.

All your life, you have yearned to be as light as air. You always knew that heaviness was not for you. Your spirit was never meant to be kept down. Your spirit has been meant to be at your prow, definitely not weighted down as if you were ballast to keep Earth down. You, who are a Messenger of God. Of course, soar more and more again and again. There are no limits on you. No longer does anything hold you back from flying high above the world.

What is happening is that you are removing all shackles. It's not exactly that you are removing them. They fall off from you on their own. It is preposterous for you to be shackled. It is the absurdity of a lifetime. Shackles fall from your feet and disappear forever more. Now you can pick yourself up and fly high. You are above the Earth now.

You were never glued to Earth. The shackles were your thoughts held down in the arena of your fears and disbelief. Fears and disbelief are rather synonymous. What could possibly keep you from believing in Truth but your fears of one kind or another? You have been afraid of being made a fool of... when the supposed fool within you was wise and at his or her fervent best.

Now you are unswerving in the beauty and aim of life, your life, and the lives of others. Your vast life is just taking off. You careen over the fields. You see from a height that would once have left you breathless. Now you breathe better. Now you are on your ascendency. You have taken flight. You are in your Free Will at the Summit of Life. You are, indeed, shining like the Sun. You are shedding light on the world and in your own heart and the hearts of others.

Of course, you still inhabit Earth. Now you more consciously zoom around in Heaven with full awareness that you carry Heaven within you and share it with the Universe. You have two feet on Earth and two feet in Heaven, as it were. You have accepted Your Wings in Heaven, and it is good.

You are a proven Pilot of Life. You tip your wings to Me. And you soar. You soar the heights, and you fly between valleys. Here you are. And you thought you might never amount to anything simply because the Sun was in your eyes and you couldn't see.

Now you can see. Now you can see near and far and bring it all together, and now you love. You have left boundaries behind. Boundaries were never enough for you.
Never mind, now you soar, and now you love.

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