Friday, March 18, 2016

Back in the USA

By American Kabuki

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update and a thank you to all of you.   I am now back in the USA, for the moment at least, in Seattle.  I don't know how long I will be here, but this is home for the moment and a place to readjust to life here.  Its strange to be able to understand all the conversations occurring around me after being buried in foreign languages for the last 30 months.

Thank you all so much for all your help in getting me home!  Its truly appreciated!  

I stayed longer in Italy than I expected, but I was able to see the sights in Florence and found an affordable B&B with a kitchen to stay in which cut the expenses a bit. A friend was having a difficult moment and it didn't feel right to leave until it was clearer how that situation was going to play out. They assured me they'd be okay and had resources to they could draw on, so I booked the flight home.   I came back with very little cash but I couldn't in good conscience leave them in the lurch either and would have spent all I had to help them if that was needed.  Especially after all they have done for me.  The last 6 weeks were very stressful, but also moments of very profound conversations with a dear friend.  They, like many of you ,have given so much of their lives to set this planet free and experienced many hardships doing so. This has been a grand effort of all of I AM/Source in body and its fantastic to be hold.  So much courage like the planet has never seen before.

I am noticing that many Americans are on the knife's edge right now.  Finances, health issues, over-reaching governments, and yet the stores have more consumer items than any place on earth.  My homeland, America, the land of many distractions from what is real, inside each of us.

My host is experiencing the very real possibility of losing her home, possibly tomorrow in a surprise sale by HSBC bank.   HSBC is one of the more corrupt banks on the planet.   Her incompetent lawyer gave her no notice of this happening.  She was contesting a fraudulent mortgage created by Countrywide, the paperwork which is now in the hands of HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation).

The Zap/Poof report may talk of the Dragons helping out with distressed mortgages, which is ironic because with the other hand they are taking homes away through their own banks. The systems are utterly corrupt and grinding humans under them at every turn.

The mortgage processes in Washington State are very corrupt... as Heather's investigations in 2011 showed.   There was an investor buyer here at the house today, backed his truck into the hedge and damaged it. No doubt a front man for some shell corporation with Chinese investors behind it who want to shed billions of Federal Reserve Notes into hard assets as quickly as possible.

I have family nearby so I am in no real distress, but my host tonight is very concerned as she has no where else to go, and a house full of furniture and belongings to move on top of all that and no where to move it to if the sale goes thru, and 20 days to vacate after that after.

I met BZ Riger yesterday, cooked her and my host some Italian style pizzas.  She has a web site I-UV.COM that deals with many of the legal issues people face with debt and homes and is a great resource for anyone issuing courtesy notices, or the follow-on BZ's group has come up with the "Freedom Flyer".  BZ works with animals, and seems to be a bit of an expert in training dogs. She has a lovely Australian border collie that is amazingly intelligent.

I maybe offering some things on the blog, like T-Shirts and coffee mugs, using artwork I created over the years,  to raise a bit more money from the blog as my living costs are going to be considerably higher than they were overseas.  Might change up a few things too on the blog.  Donations do help bridge the gap although I do hate, from a pride point of view to ask.  I'd do this for free if I could.

I don't know how long I will be in the USA, I just know that I am going to honor my promise to my daughter to be at her graduation, and then we see what adventures follow after that.  I do like traveling, but there's also a part of me that would just like a home too. And this "home" too, may be short term.   As all flows in the stream of where I need to be next... I just know I seem to be where i need to be at any given moment and I release all expectations other than being in joy in each moment as it presents itself.

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