Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Quick American Kabuki update...
Car-less in Seattle

By American Kabuki

I've been in Seattle for about a week. I am heading to Texas shortly. While overseas for 30 months  I left my vehicle with my ex-wife for my daughter to use while she was on college breaks.  It was part of our agreed upon divorce settlement. I gave her everything but my computer, clothes and my SUV. When I arrived in Seattle I learned my ex-wife traded in my SUV for a new car for herself and didn't tell me about it.  Which threw a bit of a wrench into my location plans.  But she is my daughter's mother and I wish her well with her new car. The location I am in now is not a place to be without a vehicle its a bit remote.

A friend in Texas has offered me a place in their house and I will be heading there shortly as the situation will be better, and not so far to commute to my daughter's college graduation in May.  I promised my daughter I would be there.

I want to thank all of you who helped out during late February and March.  When I was in Florence, I didn't have but a few days of being able to set up my 27 inch iMac, so I didn't get a lot of blogging done.  I didn't get do much blogging from Florence, which really showed up in the ad revenue this month.  Not that we didn't accomplish alot in Florence but I was not able to write about it.  Blog income was about half of what it normally is, due to not having a desk to set the mac up on. I stayed two weeks longer in Florence than I expected as well.  Not a bad place to be, but not a cheap place either.

I had written a post about all that transpired in the Alps at the end our stay there but trashed that article.  Once I got to the states all I had fond memories of trees, the mountains and valley and the people, so I will forego getting into the details of the last 2 months in the alps and its relationship to the Chinese, Russians and Vatican Jesuits.   I will say this I did run into a half dozen Russian commandos in Italian Forestry Police Uniforms in the local village Ski bar... their mouths dropped open when the saw me walk-in with the Golden Retriever, they apparently had orders to not engage me or be noticed.  But hey... Italian Forestry Police, do not look Slavic... its a Celtic area the Alps. These guys were beefy Slavic men. They quickly finished their drinks at the bar and left.  Was a very strange 10 days.  There was much pressure for Heather to sign off on the BRICS reset, it was no coincidence we were asked to leave one day after the Pope and Russian Patriarch met in Cuba.

I am still not at my final destination. I greatly appreciate my host putting me up for the past week. I was able to have lunch with my oldest sister and her husband today, so its nice to meet up with some family again.   The Mac gets packed up tomorrow so might not be many posts until next Monday. Donations are welcome, if you are able.

This iMac, that all of  you bought me in December 2012 after some idiot did a bios level hack on my PC at that time and destroyed it. I had just published the POOF interview Brian Kelly. This Mac has been many miles and places and with it I have written thousand of blog posts....  Great machine, even if its got a bit of smoke in it from the fireplace in the alps.

If I have had known I would have met Heather later that month and ended up overseas I would have bought a laptop mac.  I do have a nice airline resistant travel case for it, but I am getting tired of the $100 excess baggage fees for it.   Really who 10 years ago would ever think the Airlines would one day charge you separately for your luggage? Maybe if we all begin showing up at the airport naked for flights that policy might end? Nah probably not, but would certainly shorten those security search lines! Well, its a thought!

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