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AK Extended Update April 19, 2016

A copy of Michelangelo's David, Piazza del Vecchio, Florence

Piazza del Vecchio (the square Castle in the middle, Palazza del Vecchio was the 
Medici castle), a copy of Michelangelo's David is in front, the original has been moved to another gallery for safe keeping. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) 

Thought I'd catch you all up on my journeys.  Its been a long road over many weeks and 5 different addresses. Whew!

I left the Alps February 20th (I think - the days are blurring one into the other - but that seems correct from looking at the calendar).

Took the train to Florence and spent the next 3 weeks in Florence Italy, walking that city doing a "Kauilapele" clearing the energies there.  I purposely set the intention to clear what I could of the ancient energies in that city, and boy did that shake some things loose, including some surprise moves by the Vatican, Ashtar Sherr-on and Ashtar Sherr-an, and others....  Never understood what KP did, until the last year or  so but I totally get it now.

I stayed in Florence until I worked out the logistics of getting back home, had no idea how that would work out given that I had about 200 euro left when I arrived. I stayed a bit longer than I expected and worked through some other issues that were occurring in Florence.

Thank you all so much for helping out with the trip home! I truly appreciate the love shown!

I left Florence March 15,  flew back via Amsterdam and landed in Seattle.  Got seriously ill on the Delta flight after I ate a concoction that bore no resemblance to an Italian Calzone.  Had to ask the barrista at Seattle's Best Coffee at the airport for a plastic bag to barf in. Oh I was so ill!!!!  Haven't had food poisoning cramps so bad like that in a long time.  Took me 24 hours to clear that out.   I don't think it was too good of advertising for Seattle's Best Coffee, but I am grateful to the merciful barrista for giving me a plastic bag... it wasn't their fault I was ill... it was Delta Airlines who served the awful food.

Stayed a week in Seattle with a friend and then took a Virgin American flight from Seattle to San Francisco, had then to Austin. Virgin American was a nice airline, the lighting decor of the airline reminded me of a Tangier disco... LOL!!! If you like purple, that's the airline for you!  They were recently purchased by Alaska Airlines.

Virgin America baggage handlers trashed my luggage after I paid them $25 to transport it! Got the bag in Barcelona on the first trip to Morocco.  The bottom plastic on my suitcase.and one wheel was missing once I got it off the baggage carousel in Austin.  But at least the nylon liner held and didn't spill everything. I will have to get a new luggage bag... btw if you need new luggage check out ebags.com, some good prices and even a house brand for reasonable prices. I will buy something with more rugged construction next time. This bag has been to Morocco twice, the United States once, and crammed full and overweight to Italy... why it busted on domestic flight I do not know.

I worked out an arrangement with my host near Austin, I am trading out my home repair skills, gardening and car mechanic skills for part of the cost of living here.  Basic exchange of value for flexibility I need in housing at this moment. Speaking of gardening... Texas has some killer weeds, something like a cross between a climbing ficus and a rosebush, they call them briars... and getting rid of them is like putting your arms into a burlap bag with two cats fighting.  Holy mackerel!  And don't go barefoot here, everything on the grounds has sharp pointing things including the cows.

My daughter graduates from College  in mid May, and I made a promise to be there when I left the USA nearly 3 years ago.   I am not yet sure how I am going pay for that journey to her graduation, its still about 1000 mile car journey. but closer than from Seattle. I have my living expenses cut to rock bottom for now which will help.  I think I need at least 1000 to get to my daughters graduation. Hotel rooms in that small town are sky high during graduation.

Ad revenues for the blog have been down due to me being on the road about 6 weeks with no fixed address and at times no internet other than what I can get on my iPhone, so I was not able to  post as much on the blog. And people view only if there is something new to read.  Pretty simple equation really.  Donations really help in moments like this. 

Getting back to Florence

Florence was a big departure from the scenic beauty of the Italian Alps, but was beautiful in its own special way, especially architecturally.   Still what I remember most of Italy now is the Alps... such amazing beauty there.

Above the tree line in the Italian Alps of Aosta
A village in the Italian Alps about 2000 feet lower in altitude
A series of sculptures at night near the Plazza del Vecchio,
Florence Italy

The Duomo complex of buildings in Florence
This set of church buildings took 300 years to complete.
They clearly didn't have a construction loan accruing compound interest... ;)

The architecture and art found in that city was simply amazing!  I mean really where else could you go and see buildings designed by Da Vinci and other great minds?  The knowledge of perspective and stone and architecture truly is timeless.  Not surprisingly its also a big hub of Free Masonry.

I visited the Uffizi Gallery, saw a lot of carved stone statues, one of which hit me rather unusually, it was a bust of Augustus Ceasar, there was an "energy" to it that hit me hard... I won't repeat the word that came to my lips when I saw it, but it was not complementary, but I had deep gut reaction the visage of that being.   Really felt like I had met him in a life, and experienced the treachery of that being. The bust was larger than life, and was shocked at the energy it carried.

The craftsmanship of the Italians in marble sculptures is simply astounding.  I am not an art history major, but the artists really captured the sense of the person and their energy in their art works. But none of the quite affected me as much as that first statue of Augustus, and one of Nero.
Many of the statues are derivatives of earlier works, if you were rich and liked a particular person in history, you might commission a sculpture of that time to create a version of a famous sculpture for your own pallazo (palace).

There is an entire outer hallway of the Uffizi Gallery dedicated to statutes, which a displayed in natural sunlight, which makes them all the more dramatic.

Venus on the Half Shell
The gallery has some very amazing artworks, but honestly, how many pictures of baby Jesus can you absorb in one day?

Did you ever ponder the curiosity of the symbolism of Jesus either being depicted as an infant or being tortured on a cross? Seldom do you see Jesus depicted as rugged male carpenter.

There appeared to be only two genre's of art allowed during the renaissance, classic nude mythological figures, and pictures of Mary with the Baby Jesus, and Bible Story scenes. The forerunner i suppose, much like Stain Glass in churches, of comic books.

One painting at the end of the tour\ (the museum is a bit like Ikea, there's only one way out and that's forward thru the predesignated trail where the cameras track your every move) was this huge 20 foot tall image of Jesus.  What's really odd about it is the illuminati pyramid with the eye above Jesus head.  Even stranger, given the artist's obvious talent with using light in the painting, is the rather gray death-like appearance of Jesus, with the Illuminati Eye-Pyramid hovering over his head.

A very illuminati rendition of Jesus.... At the Uffizi Gallery in Florence
The security in the museum was amazing, clearly Italy treasures that priceless collection of Renaissance art a great deal. Art is meant to be seen, not locked behind doors and bars, and guarded by armored vehicles and machine gun carrying soldiers.  I get the reason for the security... I really do... lots of art thieves in the world, and people willing to buy what they steal for their private collections, but I couldn't help but feel a bit like it was an Prison of Art.  Much like gold bars are kept in prisons called vaults.  Gold, similar to mineral crystals, is a sentient metal. The concept of "owning art" is every bit as fucked up as "owning the planet", or even owning a sentient metal.

Many of the men who created those works of art never made all that much, although Michelangelo did pretty well.  There are a number of struggling artists doing beautiful modern works in small shops around Firenze/Florence even now, and its not hard to imagine painters and sculptors of long ago doing much the same in Florence.

The great masterpieces belong to humanity in my opinion.  And certainly not in "private collections" any more than all those hidden ancient earth archeological artifacts belong in the back rooms of museums because they don't fit the orthodoxy of conventional history of mankind's development. But those who have been in control of the planet greatly fear anything that conflicts with the storyline they created as to why they are in charge and what they did to get there.

Florence is a very cosmopolitan city, I have never seen such a wide mix of cultures in one spot.  A large number of Russians, Chinese, Turks, Americans, and every nationality you can imagine.  It has a magnificent history as the birth place of renaissance, which was opposed by the church and also a dark history with the various secret societies and Medici and other Bloodline families.  Everything on earth is a mixed bag it seems,  even Bloodline despots like their art and music.

Street sign Piazza Nazario Sauro - In English "Square of the Nazareth Reptile"
curious name for a street... don't know the history of the street name. Name appears
to be a composite of Italian, French and Spanish.

PS: I found a series of graffiti/posters in Florence (Firenze in Italian) that I found amusing. Even the quality of art in the graffiti is interesting and with a good deal of humor....

Graffiti mocking the Disney-esgue features
 of the tourist industry in Florence/Firenze

Underwater Santa (on a side alley not far from
 the Pont du Vecchio)

Pee Wee Herman? (I think)

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