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Sophia Love:A Legend for Our Time from Green Beings

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The following is a post from Sophia Love's paid newsletter, posted here by permission of Sophia. This is a subscription service of Sophia's, and is not usually posted to her or my blog. You can read this and other similar communications from a diverse group of ETs in the universe by subscribing to her newsletter at this link on Sophia Love's Blog.

From Sophia's Newsletter:

This conversation took place in March of this year.

It includes an interesting approach to what we would call "justice" on Earth today. It's not one we've seen demonstrated, and is quite a leap from our current process of "prosecution" and "behind bars". It makes so much sense. We are embarking on a new "era" here, and alternative methods for dealing with "wrong-doing" are going to be needed as part of our conversation.

Again, this is being shared today, while many other conversations are pushed further along on the list. We are in the midst of so many changes, this one seems especially timely.

I tap in just about every day and there is someone on the line, ready with something to say. This is part of a "soft disclosure". It is getting very interesting, specific to our current situation, and quite varied.

Before connecting I make several declarations, including "Highest and Best for all concerned. Complete and absolute truth only. No ego. Just love. Pure love. For assistance only." And recently, "Complete truth regarding your identity and place of origin." Then I see who shows up. This is verbatim. Happy reading!

This conversation took place on March 4th, 2016.

"Is there someone wanting to connect?"

There is Sophia, yes. There are a few of us now with words to share, to say, to you. Are you available for listening?

I am now, yes. Please continue and introduce yourself.

Those of us with words to say are humanoid beings - that is, we look like you humans look in the general and broad sense. We have appendages in the same number and position. We walk upright. Our skin is of another hue. It is hard to explain.

I heard or "saw" blue, then green, and then uncertainty as the colors seen on earth may not be the same for you? Is this true?

Our structure of light and reflections of color differ enough that your words don't encompass the colors exactly. Suffice to say you would call us "green" and that works.


Any longer, no one knows the precise timing of this legend - how far "back" in our "history" it reaches. Certainly no one alive here was living when it happened.

We are longer lived than your race - so this legend is from very, very "long ago". This legend may be of interest to you, if only to remind you of how the continuation of life proceeds. It is on a constant push forward to regenerate and evolve. The only thing emotions "do" to the process is delay it with drama.

What happened, according to legend, is this.

There was a ruling class, a monarchy, at the time. Leading up to the collapse was decades of misery for those not in this ruling class, but ruled by it.

There reasons for this are many, but at their core was a ruler so enraptured with physical life that he wanted it all for himself and planned all of his actions in that direction. This is the "Achilles heel" of any corrupt system in physical existence and (why) it doesn't stand a chance.

The obsession for this ruler became "more" - to the expense of every other physical being. When "expensive" life forms exist, they are necessary to remove. We as a race suffered, the toll on the whole was too much.

Legend tells us it was the imbalance that collapsed the society.

I am seeing a "teeter-totter" with too many bricks on one side - so many that it falls and the bricks scatter. What happens, I notice, is that when the side with all the bricks crashes - the other side rises to the top.

This is a good picture and sort of shows what happened to my race. This ruler had too much to hold onto, too much to control. It became a loose reign and those under it grew louder and louder - WHILE THE RULER DIDN'T NOTICE.

What happened that was by the time the ruler noticed or gave the loud voices any attention at all - there were too many voices and it was too loud.

All of his "owning" did nothing to preserve his reign or keep him in control. He self-destructed and our people did something astounding. They did not harm or execute this leader.

What happened?

They loved him. His actions, skewed as they were towards physical accumulation - left a void in our race for spiritual nourishment. That void was filled when the people he had attempted to crush did not retaliate. They saw instead a deeply vacant being and removed him peacefully from power. They took him to live in the "slums" he had created.

He was shunned by many, but not all and, so legend tells, he eventually filled his empty heart and left the life he had lived proclaiming a much richer existence than he'd had as ruler. He contributed to the society he was now a part of. Everyone eventually benefitted as life once again reached a balance.

Is that how this legend ends?

Yes. It serves us as a reminder for balance, for the serving of two masters - the one that is physical and the non-physical component. Both are necessary for true satisfaction and evolution.

We thought our legend may serve as a reminder for man on Earth in this moment. We see rulers/owners in great fear of retribution /harm at the hands of the owned. We see a quick escalation of this ownership agenda and know, because of our legend and the unbalanced nature of things for you, that collapse is inevitable. Once it occurs, you too will have to decide what to do with the corrupt owners on your planet.

With a complete knowing of the non-physical, there is no justice in causing physical harm to another, regardless of "crime". We are teachers and students. It is true in our legend that these seemingly greatest of all crimes hold the greatest of all lessons. Our people have passed them down for what amounts to thousands of years.

We wish humanity luck and wisdom in the resolution of this ownership and the decisions around what to do with those doing so much harm right now.

We are appreciating this chance to share our legend with you. 

That is all.

Thank you. It is a powerful story and a timely one for us. Goodbye.


This conversation ended.

-Sophia Love

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