Wednesday, May 4, 2016

As We Shift - May the Fourth STAY With You

It’s “Star Wars Day”.  I’ve heard or seen a dozen times “May the Fourth be with you!” and a whole lotta people have decided to be a force for change.

This coincides perfectly with the energy – since Saturday things have felt “weird”; perhaps the force IS with us!  Something has changed and it’s a challenge to find words to define it.  What will have to serve as a replacement is what it looks like and feels like.

-      A “care free” attitude, at some points “care-less
-      Inability to focus on regimented activities
-      Nervousness and or aimlessness
-      Display of or desire for affection (in pets and kids mostly)
-      Interest in love/relationships (repair/comprehension/celebration of)
-      Motivation to communicate (all ages and species)
-      Desire to collaborate/join together

These are not precise, yet if any of them inspire a connection to what is going on for you – then you’re feeling it too.  Things feel differently today than they did just last week.

If forced to say “what” was different about it – here’s what that would look like.

We’ve been given a gentle blast of positive energy/love/eternal essence.  What this does for us is cushions what “reality” may be shouting at us 24/7 –

            Election ridiculousness
            Unemployment/financial challenges
            Illness or health challenges
            Global conflict or government corruption
            Pressure to perform your 3D role

This was not a “blow your sox off” sort of ecstatic blast – no. That kind cannot be sustained.  This was more like a really good hug – the kind of hug that reminds you of your humanity; reinforcing who you are and somehow making everything okay again.  That kind of hug is one you remember long after it occurs and it feels good then too.  You can re-live the love in it.

Some years ago I lost someone.  It was that kind of loss that brings you to your knees.  During the memorial, I received hundreds of hugs, none of which I could tell you about.  Except for one.  A cousin who I hadn’t seen in decades embraced me and replenished me all at once.  Afterwards, my partner mentioned feeling the same and this from someone he’d never met.  After her hug, the rest of that day, that week even, felt “do-able”.  We’d get through it.

This “weirdness” going on is not a bad kind of weirdness, the kind you’d rather avoid.  It’s only “weird” because it’s not familiar.  It’s a quiet sort of power boost.  I AM powerment.  It’s subtle.  It feels nice.  It allows for more laughter.  It is where we are heading and our restlessness is showing because we don’t have a map.

We don’t need one.  This journey is one we are inventing and its destination will be defined along the way.  This trip requires only you and the Force that is with you now; your eternal essence.  Can you feel it?

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,
May the Force be with you.

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