Friday, May 13, 2016

As We Shift - Your Brilliant Light

Some moments are like long, stretched out rubber bands.  You know the ones?  They are poised at their limit, pulled within a hair’s breadth of their breaking point; the slightest movement and they’ll “SNAP”!!!

One of my sons was terrified of the book you see pictured here (“How far will a rubber band stretch”); he couldn’t stand the tension ‘til the BOING!!!

The funny thing was, he’d ask for it every night.  (Spoiler alert!!) In the story, the last place the little boy reaches is the moon.  As he steps off the rocket, the BOING snaps him and the rubber band right back to his room.

This is such a rubber band moment and it’s stretched much further than any of us imagined we were capable of.  We are on the moon and about to step on lunar ground, our rubber band held firmly in our hands.  We can feel the tension in not just our hands, but our entire bodies.  We KNOW IT’S GOING TO BREAK.

We could mimic my son, and wrap ourselves in covers, hiding our eyes until it’s over.  Or, we could remember that (also like my son), we asked for this story because we love the thrill, the tension and the BOING!!!  It’s sort of an addiction.

Although thrills are great, let’s let this rubber band snap and see where else we can create them (the thrills). The suggestion here is, like my son, this tension filled game is so fun for us, (especially now at the “almost ready to snap” part), that we are unwittingly keeping it going.  How?  With our focus.

As we focus, watch, listen to and talk about the tension, it perpetuates.  As we focus on, dream, write about, discuss and expect this shift, it accelerates.

It’s a challenge to take our eyes off of the corruption, revelations and drama and instead see the world that is possible without them.  Yet THIS IS PRECISELY WHY WE ARE HERE.  We have to remind ourselves just how creation works.  For, WE ARE CREATING THIS AND OUR COMBINED ENERGY IS UNSTOPPABLE.

What we intend, believe and focus on is what we create.  It’s tempting now, with news streaming in every day that validates what we’ve always known, to rest on our laurels and nod knowingly, while saying “See?  I wasn’t crazy/mistaken/imagining this.  I told you about this years ago.”  Tempting maybe, yet not productive.

Just as you knew long ago about the slavery, corruption and secrets – you know what’s next.  Keep looking ahead.  These news reports and revelations are to wake up the masses.  You are awake already.  It’s time to move on to the next part.

There are no “revelations” about this next part because we are writing that story right now.  It’s in our dreams and visions of an un-shackled populace and a multi-dimensional existence.

This is not a call to place your head in the sand.  It’s a call to remain aware of where you are directing your light. Keep looking ahead and telling the story of what you see. The power of your energy is exponential.  Use it.  This is why you came here now.

When this rubber band snaps, and we are all thrown someplace else?  It’ll be to the place we are building now.  A foundation of love with bricks of dreams held together with your brilliant light – this is Home Sweet Home.

We are Master Builders.  Let’s create.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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