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Heavenletter #5637 Nothing Else and Nothing Less

Heavenletter #5637 Nothing Else and Nothing Less

May 1, 2016

God said:

Strictly speaking, even as there are no dimensions in Eternity and Infinity, and there is no time and space, none at all, and spoken and written language can only go so far, there is, nevertheless, always more to come.

There are greater heights to reach, and you do rise higher even as your feet are stuck to the ground or you are on your knees or the sun is too bright in your eyes. Heights are for you to reach, and depths as well.

How deep you are and how high. You are like the Hub of the Universe, or We can say the Navel of the Universe. The Center and the Heights and the Depths are One. It can be said that there is only Higher and Higher and nothing else and nothing less.

At the same time, all Heights are reachable. You have arms and legs and eyes and hearts and souls and desires to reach the Heights. You are meant to go for the Heights and Depths, and you are meant to reach the Heights and the Depths. You are born for them.

You are not meant to be satisfied in the trenches.

The train you ride on is called More and More and Higher and Higher and Deeper and Deeper and Vaster and Vaster.

All the Realms and Heights and Depths are within you. Within you, all exists. This is your inheritance. And, so, as you reach out and yearn, you already have. And, so, you seek for your Self. You are filled to the brim with all you desire, yet you are a bottomless pit of desire.

Is there anything the matter with that? Without appetite, would you eat?

Of course, there are limits to the physical world. You can only eat so much. You can only do so many sit-ups. You have only so many limbs and so many shoes to wear.

Yet when it comes to urgings and desires and fulfillment, Infinity comes into play. You can be all you want to be. You are meant to be all you want to be. You are to swim in love. You are to be an anchor of love that can reach everywhere. You are a God Being designed to fly across the Sun, sit on the Moon, touch all the Points of Stars and imbibe Starlight.

Of course, you are meant to be a God Being. Further, the fact is that you already are a God Being.

What do you think it means that you are made in My Image? In Whose Image would you rather be made in? You are a Chip Off the Old Block, indeed. Yes. Even if you flunk a dozen tests, even if you are bereft of limbs, tied up in knots, laid low, you, the very you as you are, fly on the Wings of Angels.

You are all of My Flights of What Might Be Called Fancy, yet I know not Fantasy. I know Truth, and Truth circles the Universe, and Truth rises up from the Universe, and so do you rise.

Do you possibly think I mean others and not you, or only you and not others? I mean the whole Gang of Representatives of God. I mean all the possible manifestations of Me. I mean each and everyone is to fly to the Heights with Me and carry the world all the way up to Heaven and keep it here.

Heaven is a State of Being, you understand. Place does not exist. There is no space, and you are to rise and follow Me into the Innocence of Love from on High.

Come with Me. I take you by the hand. Hold Mine, and off We go.

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