Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Hot" Space Wars and other nonsense...

By American Kabuki

Lots of SSP disinfo drama being stirred up in these final moments of the separation. There is a possibility of yet more "storylines" to be released through the usual outlets.  There is much needless drama at this moment.  80% of all "ETs" look like us to one degree or another. Especially the Pleiadians and the Andromedans, who came from the Early Atlantis eras on Earth and are "US".

Some facts...as best I know them....
  1. The Australian SSP bases were abandoned last year.

  2. There is no "hot space war" going on.  There is no "where" for them to flee to and go from... and they are not about to destroy the very realm they are all inner-grated into. The realms have congealed into this one.  They are HERE, but not yet visible completely, but are being seen more and more.  We've seen them here.

  3. Fear is a cheap "weapon", doesn't cost much, if people buy into it, they delay creating their own peaceful and free future.  Fear is love for the survival of the physical form abused so that it causes one to forget that you are are so much more than the physical form/vehicle your essence (which is formless) resides.  Never underestimate your own ability to create a better world!

  4. The Blue Avians, last I checked, were still not in unity, and still see humanity as being incapable of anything other than a slave state system or a world split between a slave state and free states.  This is more an issue of the Essence that created them.  Hopefully he resolves that soon.  He is not the Draco King or the Bloodline King. He's more a "dabbler" in the game of separation consciousness, that likes to consider himself "the smartest man in the room".  This is about heart, not IQ.  The Blue Avians were followers of Ra and Horus, both of which are no longer in form.  The human inbodyment of Ra is in form.  It is not known if there was a human inbodyment of Horus at this time.  Ra and Horus were from the 2nd wave of Creation.

  5. The SSP, which is Chinese Dracos, Bush/Cheney Haliburton Complex, and various Multinational aerospace corps, is pretty much in the same mind space as the Blue Avians, so consider the source of the information. Pardon the pun, but they are for the moment, birds of a feather..

  6. There is NO Toplet or Strangelet bombs out there. There is no mysterious "dark anomaly" other than the one that lies unreconciled by love in one's own heart.  Do you really think there is anything "SEPARATE" from Source? Those storylines are pure fiction created by a being with the homophone name of Ashtar SherrON,  the Pleiadian inbodyment of the Bloodline King (in stasis according to the SA). He is what Rayelan of Rumor Mill News once called in the early 2000s the "King of the World" when she visited the Malibu undersea base with her CIA/Templar late husband. SherrON is the physical Pleiadian father of Ashtar SherrAN, and inbodyment of my essence frequency.

    The Toplet/Strangelet/"Dark Anomaly" storyline has been fed to the rogue Pleiadian faction on Earth known as the so called "resistance movement" (there is no Planet X or Nirbiru) to further fuel separation consciousness and hide the identity of this covert rogue Pleiadian faction. The "resistance" is against Dracos (unless of course its the Chinese ones which the Bloodline King had a side deal with). Its an obsolete covert power move to control the separation by the Bloodline King. It was never intended to free humanity. The Bloodline King (on Earth and the Pleiades) traditionally used the energies of separation consciousness to his own purposes. This scenario has already been neutralized but there are many on the ground still carrying out their last orders. They hold onto what they were originally told, and frankly its embarrassingly hard to retract what has been said in error in public forums.  Most involved are unaware, well meaning people, who do want the suffering on the planet to end, they simply didn't understand who that being codenamed "Michael" was, and why that movement went public in October 2012.

  7. There is inter-faction strife between the human Chinese Dragons/Dracos and the human Orion Hybrid Draco that were dropped into Eastern Europe and the Middle East millenia ago (what Ben Fulford calls the Khazarian Mafia - this is often coyly disguised as a "Jewish" issue. Orion Dracos do not descend from Abraham. They are also found among elite Turks, Arabs, and Christians). This struggle is all related to banking control of the planet.  A management downsizing if you will.  Commander/Ambassador Mallieun of the Dracomax spoke of this (the inference of the Orion Draco - Khazarian connection is mine solely - but none other fits the data).  The Pre-Draco Orians/Orions were a human race that was hybridized with Dracos after it was invaded. They appear, and are, humans.  The DNA was altered to accomodate a Draco essence. None of the scenarios Mallieun mentioned to me to bring the Orion Draco into unity have yet happened. There appears to be negotiations between these groups ongoing including a lot of threats and counter threats and payoffs. Dragon, Draco, Drake, dragun, drakōn, Basilisk, Hydra, Wyvern, Tarragon,  Tarchṓn,  Tarkhūn,  just different words for the same thing.

    There are reportedly less than 1000 actual reptilian forms left on planet, in hidden subterrean/sub-sea bases.  They are rare.

  8. Some Draco magi have the ability to project fake holograms of light and to paint emotions in order to cause chaos in others... should they buy into the illusion and tensions of the moment. I have seen this ability first hand in Morocco.  Most convincing illusion I have ever seen. But I also knew it was not real.  That particular being had to be close to my magnetic field to pull it off.  And the cure was simply to avoid him. which I did.  I wasn't equipped at that moment to do much else, but have learned more since then as to how to deal with that. The simplest defense is to stay in a pure love state of being, and out of judgement.  Observe, but don't react to the illusion.  Its all about triggering YOU to do something.

  9. I DO NOT believe "Shape Shifting" as David Icke describes it between human and reptilian physical forms is found on Earth among Draco essence humans. I do know someone who has seen a draco essence human project a Draco image, and that seems to have been accidental on part of that Draco essence human.  The illusion is likely projected by some when under stress. It could be an evolutionary adaptation for survival.

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