Monday, May 30, 2016

Quick AK Update...

By American Kabuki

Just a quick update to let you know the graduation went well.  My daughter has her diploma and is enjoying the summer and preparing for grad school.   Thank you all  so much for helping make that trip possible!

The trip went very well, I decided to return early given the predicted weather in Texas and the difficulty navigating central Texas roads in rain   When I left I was in the most intense rain/hail storm of my life in Brady Texas, and had to park under a gas station canopy to keep the rental car from being destroyed.   The rain did not arrive for two days after my return, and its pretty much been raining off and on since.   The grass seed I planted on the property here is sprouting and getting close to needing a haircut.  Good weather for growing grass, humid and hot, but today is pretty cool compared to what it has been.

Texas has a been a learning experience.  Some of the stereotypes hold true like pickup trucks and ranches, and lots of cows.  Ranch life or its suburban equivalent is pretty much the norm in this part of Texas.  Pretty obvious why everyone has a pickup truck and nobody seems to sell them.  They just kind of stay in the family forever.    What I have found a bit odd, compared to California, is you may have a guy living in in a mobile home (excuse me... "manufactured home") driving a $50,000 pickup truck with a turbo Cummins diesel engine in it and dual wheels in the back.

We have a fellow across the street from us (and yes he's got one of those monster "pick-em-up" trucks, he manufactures machines that makes those little packages of sugar you put in your coffee in restaurants.   His home is a pre-fab, much bigger on the inside than it looks and quite luxurious with every gadget imaginable.  He goes around the world installing and fixing these machines in his bib-overalls.  You'd think from looking at him he's the biggest hayseed you've ever seen, but he has an Electrical Engineering degree and was trained in geology for oil wells.  Been over his house a few times, I told him "You don't fool me, what kind of redneck wears bib-overalls and $2000 Rado ceramic watch?" He grinned at me and appreciated that I caught his little act.  You can judge nothing her by its looks.

Everyone here has a gun, lots of guns with lots of ammo.  The place is absolutely overrun with deer. The rains of the last two years have given them lots of food after many years of drought.  We have 3 or 4 around our house most of the time.  Deer hunting on these large ranches is a big revenue thing here.  As is dove hunting.   Some ranches have exotic species of deer from Africa and the Middle East in fenced ranches.  And there's accidental new creatures like the escaped wild boars that get the size of Italian commuter cars.  I don't think I want to run into one of those unarmed, but its not likely here...

The men my age, at least in this area are kind of boring.  The woman on the other hand are salty, funny and a laugh a minute.  The women seem to start out good little southern gals, and then just get fed up with all the patronizing bullshit in "Bible and BBQ Pork belt" as they get older and blossom into forces of nature in their own right that don't let anything stop them.   Social life here does seem to run around a few things, church, lakes, hunting and fishing.  The churches here are of the variety that don't like drinkin', fiddlin' or dancin'.   Keeps church the center of the social circuit.

Austin is a different kettle of catfish from the boonies here.  Austin is made of souls that took a wrong soul turn in the birth canal and ended up in Texas instead of Northern California or Oregon.  Musical, eclectic, a mix of cowboy, jazz, BBQ, high tech and soy sauce.  Austin is a cultural fusion, a bit like Florence really that way.  Don't know if they have as many Russians as Florence but they sure have the Chinese like Florence.  The rest of Texas talks about Austin like its a weird joke.  Austin pretends the rest of Texas doesn't exist.  "Keep Austin Weird!" You gotta love that!   Strangely I "get" Austin.  Must be my years in Southern California that finds resonance there.

Personally I have been feeling the earth energy changes in a very big way.  There were a few days last week I was not in a good mood, but that gave way to a very blissful kind of energy, so blissful at times I just wanted to stay and bed and not move lest it stop.  But I have things to do, blog posts to do, and a pickup fuel pump to fix, so I carry on as best I can.  I really only had one goal when I left Italy and that was to figure out how to get my daughter's graduation, a promise I made 3 years prior that really needed to be kept. I realized at the graduation how much I have become the oddball in my birth family, saw none of my brothers at the graduation although they were there I learned from daughter.  It seems everyone is reading my blog, and if they haven't seen and experienced what I did, no doubt they do wonder about me.  Family peer pressure can be a tremendous force for preventing personal growth, it always comes down to, "what will others think of us?".  But then what does it matter?   I am stopping what I am doing,   I didn't when I set out to reform a religion, and in 2009 I decided I need to take the skills I learned from that experience and try to make the world better... and boy did I get a rocket sled speed course in that the last 3 years.  Learned things about his world I didn't even imagine.

 I didn't really think all that much about what came after the graduation, and now I must do that.   I am in the intermezzo of this journey.  I had a chance to rest up which I badly needed, as the dark circles under my eyes since February showed.  But honest, I just want to move onto what is next and I'd really like to meet the Galactics I have been talking to for almost a year now!   We honestly thought we'd be where we are now last October, but Source new there was some clean up work to do before that could happen.  That seems completed now.

I haven't heard much from Heather.  She is well and "doing" as she always says.   I don't know if we work together again but I certainly enjoyed the years we did and I'd jump at the chance to do it again. The most life changing and heart-mind expanding adventure I have ever experienced.  I regret none of it.

So much is up in the air right now, Thor implies the New Earth is ready to go, I definitely feel the energies, but I also know that the Galactics have no sense of time as we know it -  and I have no idea what that all means by the calendar.

I am grateful that I am well, housed and fed.  My body is changing rapidly, I have serious patches of dark hair returning to my white hair, and it increases every day.   Skin is getting younger and so are my joints.  Weight continues to drop off my legs and torso. There is a subtle but consistent reverse aging (youthing?) going on.

I do have expenses and donations are very helpful to continuing this work  as Google Ad revenue continues to drop . I guess nobody buys anything anymore that is advertised - given the economy. Donations have been bridging the gap since February.    I need to raise $500 or so in the next week or so.   

I am going to explore ways to reconfigure the blog for a better income stream, don't know if that means selling things on it, making a portion of the blog subscription like Sophia does, or what yet.  I am also thinking of opening a forum for readers to talk to each other.  Seems to be a sense I get among my readers they want to meet like minds like themselves near where they live.  That seems to be especially true in Texas were "awakened" folks have to hide given the pressures of being in places where changes comes at the speed of glaciers.

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