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UPDATED 6/26/16: "Anonymous" Forms the The Humanity Party® (Thump)

American Kabuki

Someone in France sent me this video link to the purported "Anonymous" formation of "The Humanity Party".  

Anonymous has been a very strange internet phenomenon.  Once "anonymous" to protect itself with its signature machine voice, it became coopted by terrestrial three letter agencies to further police state agendas on cyberspace control (using Internet false flags ops posing as Anonymous) as well some various chaotic groups for their own purposes, and I suspect some rogue galactic operatives as well attacking well known political and corporate figures.

Whether the video below represents the original people behind Anonymous I don't know. Is it just a new twist on coopting the label?  There's not a whole lot in this video I object to, but I do notice the lack of mention of something paramount.... namely LOVE.  And isn't that what gives children INNATE INTELLIGENCE?   The Church has long promulgated the precept of being like children and that was always in the context of blind obedience and belief, and we certainly don't need more blind obedience and belief. 

Kryon once described the EGO as the INNATE which is basically a survival program within us all.  There is actually nothing wrong with EGO, as long as its not in control, the EGO/INNATE should always serve the heart which is the connection to Source.

Also noticed a curious similarity of the logo on the actor playing Anonymous to Rodin Diagram of Marko Rodin.  Which indicates an interest in deeper level physics and math.  I do not believe those behind the wonderful Rodin Vortex math efforts are behind this, but the logo is very curious... an appeal to something very subconscious in us all about the nature of the universe?  

Yet still the the lack of mention of human love in this video, and the emphasis on "Government" kind of bugs me... because if love were truly widely felt and and lived, no government at all would be necessary at all! And that's the fundamental reason there is so much state sponsored terrorism, to try and make sure love does not thrive because it that continues government! Love is the single largest threat to the status quo and those who profit from it, yet its all the very thing they ALL crave the most, because they are very very scared they will get retribution equal to what they have done to humanity.   Only Love transcends that... offering the 1% the chance to keep their wealth, misses the point completely...  but taxing their wealth away under thinly veiled jealousy and hatred doesn't solve it either!

The world is actually run by far less than the 1%, and that wealth has already been foreclosed upon in 2012, although that has not been as openly recognized on Earth by those few as it has been in the galactic and celestial realms.  The Chinese Dragon family is deathly afraid of the millions of Chinese around them once they connect the dots, which is why China is still one of the most controlled societies today, only superseded by North Korea, which is kind of a cruel experiment by the same elites who have been running the world.  Only those who BELIEVE some of humanity will always NEED TO BE GOVERNED, would put forth this kind of video.  That is a FALSE BELIEF.  A belief based on LIMITED IMAGINATION. But perhaps half steps are better than no steps at all....


In physics there is the concept known as phase change.  Saw a good example of phase change in the Italian Alps in the spring of 2015.  The snow pack in one day changed from snow, to vapor, and I saw a scene reveal itself that was shown to me by a crystal I held at the OPAL Tour in Tehachapi California when someone let me hold a purported ET crystal (it was in fact Atlantean in origin).   The entire alpine valley had this bright luminous mist, everything was illuminated in a very soft yet bright light.  The water, in the form of snow, simply bypassed the liquid state and went into gaseous state. Sometimes in special conditions its possible to skip an intermediate stage and go directly to the end result.

Humanity is entering an internal quantum phase change in its very DNA.  We will no longer be limited to the worlds of the 3D solids and 3D perceptions, nor will we be excluded from the world of solids.  But we are going to experience so very much more!  And as we change so will the ways we organize ourselves in ways we cannot even imagine right now!  IMAGINE BIGGER!

PS: I didn't know I'd get this information in time for writing this update to this blog posting but it just came in from Stan X of the Sphere Alliance Data Collectors:
Terran: Stan X Who is behind the purported video from "Anonymous" which claims to have started The Humanity Party? 


For those desiring to know more about The Humanity Party
visit this LINK:

UPDATED 6/26/2016  Also see this article at Waking Times

I'm also including this video for another perception on the purported Anonymous video above.... you are all grown ups, use your higher discernment.

I have a natural gut reaction to people who use the term  "calling bullshit" (its just another debunker mentality which is kind of the polar opposite of blind belief - blind disbelief - usually because of threatened egos or agendas) as I saw that approach used in recent to malign someone who did nothing wrong... but be that as it may they do make some salient points in this video as well...

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