Wednesday, June 1, 2016

As We Shift - Answer the Call

Are we not One?  

The human, the plant, the planet, the breathing of all life on her unite now as one voice – one song, one whisper – ONE.  It is akin to kittens who roll and snuggle and nibble and play and sleep and eat entangled and united but separate.  This is life and you are hearing now the call of it.  Answer.

As you commune you will hear sounds not heard before and sense energies not sensed before.  It will feel unusual, alarming even as you work to decipher where these feelings emerge from.

This oneness begins and at some unforeseen moment you will see that it matters not who emits the emotion, as it is sensed by you, a response is called for.

No more is there an “us” and “them” but a “we”.  We are sensing and emitting and responding in unison – as ONE.

Do not concern yourself with responsibilities as in “Is this mine?” “Do I need to respond to this one?” “What about this one?” The heart knows what is primary and what is being asked.

The days of polarization and separation are no longer.  They were a primer – the beginning lessons on which true compassion is learned and hence – expressed.  One family, one love morphs now into ONE FAMILY, ONE LOVE that encompasses ALLOFLIFE.

As each component effects those closest to it in the strongest way, while those furthest to a lesser degree (physically), you will know where your efforts are to be the most effectively felt.  Trust.

This is not a time of doubt or second guessing.  There are perfect numbers of beings in all places on the globe – each connected physically, vibrationally, genetically – to handle this.  Trust.

Your instincts have placed you in the right place at this time.  Follow your inner sense of movement and stillness, action and response.

There are no accidents.  The plan unfolding now has been preparing for eons – your place in it was chosen with care.

The human comes to this new place with surprising strength and conviction.  Follow any inner direction that shows up.  Be gentle with your needs and desires and listen always. Intend.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much gratitude and love,

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