Sunday, June 12, 2016

Help Request

I could use some money help.  $500 is pretty much what I need for the rest of the month.  I don't have to travel anywhere but there are expenses to pay of just living.  There is a PayPal button on the right.

For those who have a bank account but don't like PayPal, and want a bit more anonymity (Bitcoin has never been completely anonymous - just hard to identify), there is a QR code on right side of my blog (scroll down) with my Bitcoin address (or just cut and past this address -> 
1ApF7SEonTAX8vPuNoZ8EHtcTwYYCCD4yj ) .

There's a very convenient Bitcoin APP for Apple iPhone and Google Android phones called Coinbase, that makes it very easy to buy and sell bit coin direct from your checking account.  Debit card purchases go thru immediately, and selling bitcoin goes back into your checking account overnight. Its a very convenient service. And it works in several countries.

With PayPal getting ever bigger slices of donations and more ridiculous in its restrictions (see Dani's blog on that) Bitcoin may be the future for donations in the future to blogs that are even the slightest controversial.

I am looking at creating a forum for my readers that will be subscription based.  Those who have contributed in the past will be given free subscriptions.   I have records for the last 2 years.

I have the software and the web site, its been dormant since 2012, but I have kept the software and the service active and its fairly hacker resistant.  I am noticing a lot of people desiring to meet like minds in their own areas.  Sophia Love has had some success with a subscription format on her newsletter.  Thing were so tumultuous in 2014... I delayed my plans to do that, as I did not want to get into the whole who said what debate....  Its pointless and fruitless and does not restore friendships.

PS: Those of you who read Dani's Removing the Shackles blog might want to remember her.  She's having trouble getting a permanent visa in Australia and might have to move again.  She hasn't asked for money yet, and may yet work out that situation.  Her PayPal account has been locked up by PayPal for being overseas from Canada (subtle jab huh?) so that help may have to go through Lisa Harrison, should Dani ask for that help. Send positive energy to Dani's situation.  I know what its like to be on the road and deal with all that visa nonsense and mindless bureaucrats.

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