Saturday, June 25, 2016


By American Kabuki

I have started a new blog, an archive of only Sphere Alliance Messages.  The blog has a rudimentary design right now, its going to probably take me a month to get the messages copied over as I have to move them by hand and there are 176 of them now.

On the right side of the blog will be an archive list by date starting at the beginning. Many people who are new to the material have commented that its difficult to follow not having read the early messages of how this all got started.  Well hopefully this makes it easier.

The new messages will continue to be posted here on American Kabuki, at least until I catch with all the old postings, and perhaps even after that.  The new blog will contain only SA messages and our interactions with them.  I am also cleaning up any formating issues and making it clear who is saying what.

I will also note data that was later found to be incorrect - and a note stating what was the correct data. The SA is a huge conglomeration of civilizations and there were was some agendas that emerged in the fall of 2015, and first quarter of 2016.  Those have long since played out and been dealt with.

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