Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Magnetics of Emotion

By American Kabuki

Its been quite the week.   You know I used to think human emotions were chemical in nature, but perhaps that's just era I grew up when every chemical that could be imagined was made by the likes of Dow and Dupont.  Dupont used to have an ad slogan, "Better living through chemistry" which adopted by 60's and 70's hippies as a kind of slogan for every color of pill they'd take as they used their bodies as a pharmaceutical playground.   In the steam age emotions were steam, "he blew his top".... "boy was she boiling!"... metaphors that somehow grip the times they were created in, and continue long after that fad of science or engineering has long gone.  Our language is full of them.

I don't think emotions are chemical at all.  I think they are magnetic.

Andreas and Thor of the SA warned there were huge magnetic changes taking place.  The concern was navigation and electrical anomalies.  Yesterday I went to Cedar Park just outside of Austin.  I thought I'd renew my Costco membership card, expired three years ago.  Its about a 30 mile drive from here.  Right as I was about to get out of the car I got a phone call from an unknown number, they didn't say anything.  Sheesh!  I got to the door and the man who checks the card says "You can't come in here!"  I said "What? Why not?".  "We've got no power ...electricity is out! Its a security measure."  They were clearing the story.  Seemed like the entire city of Cedar Park had no electricity, and it was a really hot muggy day.  Cops at each intersection directing traffic and non working traffic lights.

I drove  few miles and found one of the ubiquitous H.E.B. Grocery stores, its lights were on and I thought I'd grab a sandwich and a bottle of water.  When I first got to Texas I asked if H.E.B. was some sort of code for the store being Hebrew in ownership. Its not. Turns out it stands for some Texan named Howard E. Butts.  And he's not Jewish, he's Church of "CHRIST IT'S HOT AROUND HERE!" In Texas H.E.B. is as common as a Ralph's in Southern California and range from a kind of convenience store in the smaller Texas towns to almost a small Costco in Austin.   While I was munching on my H.E.B. grilled chicken salad sandwich in the Miata, (very tasty btw), I popped open my iPhone magnetometer.   It read 17 uTesla.  The absolute lowest I have ever read a magnetic field anywhere.  No wonder the power went out, all the Nicola Tesla invented AC  circuits depend on inductance and capacitance of the Earth, which assumed to be ever unchanging.   And its changing BIG TIME.

I have got so many emails this week, ranging from depression, to drive-by anonymous banker rants coming from the Chinese run "HUSHMAIL.COM",  (going to trash any email coming from that anonymous service from now on) to the most common of all...."I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS ANOTHER YEAR!" complaint.  People want no more of status quo. People are also having very strange dreams.

Everyone is in short "Frazzled".  And yesterday so was I, which is why I took a road trip.  When frazzled, I explore.  I would have gone walking but, OMG... its hot here... if the humidity doesn't kill you the mosquitos will.

And I think its all related to the magnetic flux changes on the ground.  The more I thought about that, the more it made sense.  One of the keys to manifesting is emotions, especially the positive joyful variety.  Oh the negative ones will create too... you can worry about "what if" this or that bad thing happens, and that kind of emotions will create, but not create what you really want.  Magnetics is key to all the basic quantum effects in the universe.   Its also why so many schemes have been dreamed up to make sure your life is hardly ever in a joyful state and in a constant state of irritation.  That's was to produce a kind reality they wanted produced.  Lots of separation they could play off and harvest.  All produced by you and me.   Joy has been for many eons a bit elusive on Earth.  But it is our natural state.

Can't say we weren't warned about the magnetics, but I don't think even the SA considered the link between emotions and magnetics. I know they haven't been in great moods themselves the past week according to what Denice has been sensing.  They are feeling it too.

Denice SMS messaged me on the road.  "Strange day here".  I replied "Yes here too".  We both have been noticing people acting very odd.  She asked "what can we do to help everyone?".  I replied "Smile and be gracious".  

This too shall pass. 

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