Saturday, June 25, 2016

Waves of Energy in Oaxaca Mexco

By American Kabuki

A reader wrote and I post anonymously....

Feeling it!  Feels like all 49 chakras in my body are spinning.  Lips are numb. Breathing is difficult. Wake up with numb hands and feet, like I AM disappearing.  They are checking in with me often, with the tones in the ears.  My yard is starting to look like the Celestine Prophecy during meditations.  Wish there was a timeframe on this. 

Waves are 40' face here, surfers are flying in from all over for a tournament.  At the same time, the Oaxaca protestors and military blocking all roads for 10 days and we have no deliveries of gas, food or mail, nothing is getting through.  I used my last gas to take my cat to the vet.  Feels quite bizarre to be so calm in the midst of it all.  I usually experience a fractal before the collective, so I AM thinking the USA will have similar situations in the days ahead, no doubt if there is a problem with the financial system transition.  

Blessings Brothers and SiStars!  It is happening!

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