Friday, August 5, 2016

August needs

I need to raise $800 for August. I was able to get off a couple hundred to my daughter for the first of August to help her get thru the transition to grad school.    I have a lot of data I am about to post, many many conversations in the last few days.  I've got it sorted into notes and ready to post. If you can help out with expenses this month there's a PayPal button on the left.  Hopefully we can get past this way of funding things shortly but for now this is all I have.

We have had more interactions with the Yeti, and I have some photos of the evidence but no photos of them yet.  That might not come for a bit.   Also found out they removed the mystery truck that showed up here to another location.  It was not the Galactics who removed it.  They are apparently keep guards here.  I saw the eyes of one the other night, 15 feet high behind a tree. Lost my breath for a moment but they are friendly. I have not yet met one in person.  Would have like to seen the faces on those guys when 4 fifteen foot Yetis picked up their vehicle and walked it into a portal to another location.... LOL!!! :)

Bev and I working with the Raeno the Medical Officer from the Sphere Alliance on healing my hernia which is progressing.  This kind of muscle healing takes some time as the organs themselves have to shift.   I will be posting hopefully on that  tomorrow.  What we are doing is energetic healing on me and they are also doing some on Bev.   The umbilical hernia on me has shrunk, and the torn muscles are re-binding and linking up.  There have also been issues healed on Bev as well and she does look 10 years younger in less than a week.  The change in her skin texture is astounding.  Raeno is an amazing healer.  Yes I am a guinea pig... LOL.  This all a test case on humans, this has never been done this way before.  I'll detail it more in the post.

Thor and his wife Sussanah are staying very close.  We feel them.  They feel things are very close to wrapping up.  Riggolt continues flying.

I also have some data about another base we found, and some data on the SSP, Atlantis and just who the Annanauki really are.  Much much confusion over that name... the Annanauki... one of those "ALLUSION" words... that never really is defined very well by those who use it...

There are also a number of old story lines that have been propagated in the last 30 years that need closure in context and i will attempt that.

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