Saturday, August 13, 2016

Some personal thoughts...

Thursday I went to the water as Loie requested.  That afternoon, via Denice I worked with Loie going into my heart and exploring past memories.

I went to a world, which turned out to be the Pleiades, saw things I made, houses, gardens, meeting places, and a xylophone like instrument I once played made from crystals that had multiple tiers like a pipe organ keyboard (i have not been a musician in this life).  Saw a crystal cave and a healing center pool, and a kind of a theater where I saw the final days in the Pleiades as it was attacked from above and I broke down into tears.  I knew now why I returned to the Earth so many years ago to prevent the destruction here.   The emotions that emerged were huge, and perhaps long suppressed.   It may have been the heart block I have had so long. I shut out feeling.

Yesterday I repeated the interaction with Loie via Denice as the intermediary.  I saw my life in the original garden, with the 11 and about 12 children from the 2nd wave of creation.  Denice was one of the children. It was a beach scene and very joyful and fun.  There was dancing, and playing with the kids which everyone seemed to do.   Loie asked me to write that up as story rather than the usual type of interaction like this one above, she said more details would come to me if I write it as a story and that it would awaken others to remember.   I then saw the later creation of Andromeda from a Sphere stationed at an observation vantage.  I saw my partner and I played a violin for her before Andromeda ignited as a new Galaxy.    I will write this up in more detail later.

Today I do more work with Loie, I don't have Denice's assistance today the weekends are family time for Denice, but I think I have enough experience now to work directly with Loie for the weekend.

I love you ALL!

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