Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sphere Alliance Message #195
A Message from Loie for tomorrow

by American Kabuki with Denice's assistance...

The following is an unexpected visitor, Loie, Heather's mother, in what appeared to be her new form! The advice is simple and she wanted me to share it right away.  I don't know exactly what happens but I will go find some water and find out!

The prior conversations with Thor and Isis will come later, this is more important.

[8/10/16, 9:39:07 PM] Terran: I am feeling very strong love from someone...

[8/10/16, 9:39:24 PM] Denice: you have to identify it.  .:)

[8/10/16, 9:39:30 PM] Denice: practice

[8/10/16, 9:39:35 PM] Terran: Its hitting my heart.

[8/10/16, 9:39:59 PM] Denice: ok. . .feel it. . .follow it. .. the energy came to me immediately when you said it

[8/10/16, 9:40:07 PM] Denice: but you have to practice ;)

[8/10/16, 9:40:11 PM] Denice: not my words [at this point I realize this is a new conversation being relayed, its not Denice speaking]

[8/10/16, 9:40:21 PM] Terran: not your words?

[8/10/16, 9:40:56 PM] Denice: s/he wants you to identify her/him. . to practice. . . and this is a pure love energy.  .my only hint

[8/10/16, 9:41:14 PM] Terran: Yes it is.  I will see what I can find out.

[8/10/16, 9:41:18 PM] Denice: :)

[8/10/16, 9:42:11 PM] Terran: I think its H in a hammock... in the new body?

[8/10/16, 9:42:52 PM] Terran: Its a Bali like setting

[8/10/16, 9:42:54 PM] Denice: ok. . .not what I got. . .but a very similar essence.

[8/10/16, 9:43:14 PM] Denice: she is says, nope. . .work harder bill

[8/10/16, 9:43:38 PM] Terran: Lila?

[8/10/16, 9:43:47 PM] Terran: I saw blonde hair

[8/10/16, 9:44:11 PM] Denice: Yes bill blonde hair. but feel me.  pure love. mother love. now close your eyes and feel me

[8/10/16, 9:45:01 PM] Terran: Its got to be Loie, that frequency is so close to Heather's...

[8/10/16, 9:45:14 PM] Terran: Did not expect to see her looking like that!

[8/10/16, 9:45:29 PM] Loie: oh yes, bill!!! brava!

[8/10/16, 9:45:39 PM] Denice: (she is doing the lowercase. . .new :) )

[8/10/16, 9:46:05 PM] Loie: don't look.  feel.  that is how this works.  remember?  feel. feel. feel.

[8/10/16, 9:46:12 PM] Terran: Hello Loie!

[8/10/16, 9:48:19 PM] Terran: I have to reconnect to my heart again.

[8/10/16, 9:48:26 PM] Terran: feeling is fading

[8/10/16, 9:49:27 PM] Terran: I feel her.

[8/10/16, 9:49:32 PM] Loie: Bill! Yes!  Great work!  Now you know where to go from here!  you are fatigued.  rest.  so much opens to you tonight and tommorrow.  no more hints.  this is it, big guy!  I am proud of you. so very proud.  be ready to be 'wowed'.

[8/10/16, 9:51:00 PM] Loie: This is really important.  water is really important.  drink a lot of it as much as possible.  shower. find a pool.  the water does conduct the energy beautifully.  Go jump in a lake, Bill! I say that with love.

[8/10/16, 9:51:18 PM] Terran: I see a home and I see some other sort of building.  There is a lake nearby!

[8/10/16, 9:51:34 PM] Terran: Also a kind of "slide rock" area with shallow pools.

[8/10/16, 9:51:43 PM] Terran: not far from here.

[8/10/16, 9:52:54 PM] Loie: Bill, take Bev for an excursion.  get your feet wet.  get as wet as you can.  And share that with everyone you know. . .get in the water and relax.  It will be a great help! and fun, too of course!

[8/10/16, 9:53:34 PM] Denice: (gosh my hands feel pruned right now, like I have been in the water for too long ;) )

[8/10/16, 9:53:44 PM] Terran: lol

[8/10/16, 9:54:07 PM] Loie: Bill, ask your question and I will answer, love.

[8/10/16, 9:54:11 PM] Terran: I will post that on the blog.

[8/10/16, 9:54:29 PM] Terran: We are that close?

[8/10/16, 9:55:08 PM] Terran: These energies are very strong denice...

[8/10/16, 9:55:17 PM] Loie: Yes. Bill it is really that close.  But as you know, and I add this caveat. . . no time here.  So that doesn't translate to your 'time'.  but get wet and enjoy it!!

[8/10/16, 9:55:42 PM] Terran: Does the water amplify something?

[8/10/16, 9:56:07 PM] Terran: BTW, love the new look!

[8/10/16, 9:57:12 PM] Loie: Bill water is the something.  water conducts everything.  the energy. the frequencies. the electromagnetics. it is all energy.  So remember to drink a lot of water as much as you can.  and soak as often as you can.  it is that simple.

[8/10/16, 9:58:19 PM] Loie: now I trust that you will present this information so as not to imply it is my 'orders'. I am laughing.

[8/10/16, 9:58:41 PM] Terran: of course... merely a helpful suggestion!

[8/10/16, 9:58:46 PM] Loie: Just have fun with it.  This is what you have all been waiting for!

[8/10/16, 9:59:26 PM] Terran: I can feel your giggles!   you are excited!

[8/10/16, 9:59:29 PM] Loie: I am with you, love.  I am with you now.  And as our galactic loves say IN JOY!

[8/10/16, 10:00:04 PM] Terran: I can tell, I have not felt your frequency so directly before!

[8/10/16, 10:01:07 PM] Loie: Well, Bill. you have done the work.  you have done this all on your own.  and your friends who support you now are to be commended.  this was a lot of trust and that says a lot about you and who you have always been!

[8/10/16, 10:01:53 PM] Terran: Thank you Loie!  I have met the most amazing beings!  All pure love!

[8/10/16, 10:02:09 PM] Terran: They know what to do, they feel it.

[8/10/16, 10:03:03 PM] Loie: Bill. I love you.  I always have.  Now relax and get ready for the greatest adventure of your life!  Goodnight dear! Loie.

[8/10/16, 10:03:49 PM] Terran: All my love to you as well Loie!  I so thank U for being there even in the toughest moments.  And thank you for raising Dear Feather like you did!

[8/10/16, 10:04:40 PM] Loie: Oh, Bill. It was and is all perfect! LOIE. LOVE.

[8/10/16, 10:04:43 PM] Terran: Complete gratitude to you!

[8/10/16, 10:04:50 PM] Denice: (sun)

[8/10/16, 10:05:01 PM] Denice: wow. . . so cool!

[8/10/16, 10:05:22 PM] Terran: Wow what an energy!   I will be feeling that for hours!

[8/10/16, 10:05:40 PM] Denice: very soft and motherly for me. . .gentle. . .

[8/10/16, 10:06:06 PM] Denice: she sent it all to you. . .guess you better sleep, drink water, swim, sleep, drink water, and swim!

[8/10/16, 10:06:28 PM] Terran: Yes [I will do that],  she has a much younger form now. Blonde.  Saw a brown hair woman at first, not sure why

[8/10/16, 10:06:49 PM] Terran: someone else there too?

[8/10/16, 10:07:02 PM] Denice: truthfully there are sooooo many beings around it is like finding a needle in the haystack!

[8/10/16, 10:07:26 PM] Terran: The blonde hair made me think it was Lila. I didn't expect Loie!

[8/10/16, 10:07:53 PM] Denice: she was laughing as you were feeling her and then pumping the energy to you. . .I could feel that

[8/10/16, 10:07:57 PM] Denice: (hug)

[8/10/16, 10:08:36 PM] Denice: something huge has shifted again.  my little trip today felt like I was in another realm.

[8/10/16, 10:08:42 PM] Denice: this is so surreal (h)

[8/10/16, 10:08:44 PM] Terran: The house was very airy.  Very balinese in architecture, lots of wicker and bamboo and wood and it had a warm cozy feel

[8/10/16, 10:09:01 PM] Denice: that sounds so amazing!

[8/10/16, 10:09:11 PM] Denice: see how much detail you ar picking up now?

[8/10/16, 10:09:23 PM] Denice: so much more than ever before.  . (h)

[8/10/16, 10:09:43 PM] Terran: She's pulled back.  But I still feel the imprint of the energy, my chest/heart area is very very warm.

[8/10/16, 10:09:59 PM] Terran: She may be in the building

[8/10/16, 10:11:05 PM] Denice: I really had not thought about water. . .but I have been soooooo hot. makes sense to get wet!

[8/10/16, 10:11:34 PM] Denice: and I have to admit, we have gone through some water this past week.  we buy bottled because our tap water is yucky

[8/10/16, 10:11:46 PM] Terran: Well the area I am thinking is part of the massive granite formation here, that water runs over so that will put the energy into the granite structure too.

[8/10/16, 10:11:53 PM] Denice: filled a cooler with three cases and three bages of ice since saturday.

[8/10/16, 10:12:16 PM] Denice: oh wow! you are in a cool location!

[8/10/16, 10:12:43 PM] Terran: Its actually hot here but I know what you mean. Dry where we are but water is nearby

[8/10/16, 10:13:13 PM] Denice: you are very hot. . .we are so so. . .hot and humid, but get a nice breeze.

[8/10/16, 10:13:30 PM] Terran: its dry here.  Having trouble keeping the grass I planted alive

[8/10/16, 10:13:35 PM] Denice: I have to take both dogs to the vet, but after that, [redacted] and I are hitting the water!!!!!

[8/10/16, 10:13:58 PM] Terran: Well I better get that online before I absent mindedly forget that!

[8/10/16, 10:14:07 PM] Denice: yes, we gave up on grass in our front yard.   . . too hot, shady, and over used with boys, bikes, cars, trucks! lol!

[8/10/16, 10:14:10 PM] Denice: Good night!!!

[8/10/16, 10:14:12 PM] Terran: The other conversations can wait, that one sounds important

[8/10/16, 10:14:27 PM] Denice: Yes! Talk to you tomorrow :)

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