Monday, August 22, 2016

Updated: Sphere Alliance Message #203
Memories from the collapse of Atlantis 2

By American Kabuki
August 22, 2016

[8/22/16, 11:37:10 AM] Terran: Loie could we revisit Atlantis 2?

Terran: With the assistance of ALL, the 3 formless pure love being's and our Galactic friends?

Loie: Bill, yes of course.  Now I am here and the three formless energies of pure love assist. Loie.






Loie: Bill, love.  Feel the energy flow to you now.  Feel it fill you and flow through you.  Loie.

Terran: Sherr An did Sherr On wish to be present?



Terran: Did I leave anyone out?


Loie: Bill, feel the energy flow now.  You are loved beyond limits.  Feel that love pour into you now for this moment and always. Loie.

Terran: Okay I center myself and feel the love and feel the flow of ALL

Loie: Allow the flow of the pure energy of the Source of all that is within you. Now. Loie.

Terran: Images already... a snow capped mountain [sometimes I get unrelated images as the data begins to flow...

Terran: Now a scuba diving scene under water cave [swimming out into open sea]

Terran: A diver is putting his finger thru white coral sands seems to be looking for something

Terran: Several human divers maybe 20-30 feet down one mermaid swam by

Terran: A shadow passes over the water [a transport flying over]

Terran: A scene change the same craft is landing on a white beach kind of like a very wide bat mobile

Loie: Bill we are all here.  We continue to send you the pure energy. Feel it and allow it to flow. Loie.

Terran: Passengers disembark

Terran: Public transport

Terran: They walk across a pristine white beach [to what seems to be a hotel or high rise apartments]

Terran: Aerial view of an island a type of small [forward swept fixed wing] aircraft flies over coconut palms below

Terran: [I am] Flying over a massive white stadium

Terran: On a tropical road people are rushing up the road for higher ground

Terran: It feels urgent

Terran: There are tremors and landslides part of the road fell away

Terran: This particular island cleaved in two the halves, which are tipping from the cleavage point like a ship sinking

Loie: Bill we remain with you now.  Feel us all. Loie.

Terran: There is a central tower complex feels somewhat pagoda shaped [at the top, but dome like under it] and crystalline

Terran: There are rhythmic waves extending out from this point both in the ground and in the sea which is more exaggerated

Terran: Something has gone seriously wrong

Terran: There's a building intensity

Terran: It's like tidal waves that go in and out best image I can think of is a loudspeaker of a tone under a pan of water

Terran: The tower complex is emitting a very bright blue light

Terran: The entire city is emitting a turquoise light

Terran: There is a very very high frequency sound and a rush of winds

Terran: I will let this flow and type later

Loie: Yes, Bill, feel all now. Recall the experience. We are here. Pure love surrounds you now.

Terran: Remote distance view it's not like an atomic explosion it's more energetic like a star exploding chunks are flying it's very very bright! [Its more flash like I've never seen anythign quite like it in films]

Terran: It's done something to the sea bed it's cracking open water is pouring in

Terran: A massive chasm is devouring everything [it all disappears extremely fast as gravity pulls it down]

Terran: Something glowing became part of the earth, the sky is very dark

Terran: White boats being swept aside some survive some capsize

Terran: It's the morning after rose sky there's an oil film on the water

Terran: There are some carved wood pillars people are hanging on to to stay afloat. Ornate wood columns...

Terran: I feel very detached from what I see

Loie: Yes, Bill you are safe.  Viewing from afar.  Feel the pure love flow. Loie.

Terran: Not like I felt with the Pleiades, perhaps I was not there to witness this?

Loie: Feel the answer within, Bill. You have all inside of you. Loie.

Terran: I felt it happen, I did not see it happen in the alpha form, Quetz may have seen it

Terran: There is floating debris yet there is still earth surviving

Terran: Feels like some detail images are flowing in

Terran: Bodies in the debris

Terran: There is a funny looking man with a motorized sailboat he's got kind of a floppy dark blue felt hat and glasses

Terran: He seems to be looking for survivors it's a medium sized yacht

Terran: He's pulled a few to safety

Terran: Some surviving islands I feel they might be some of the Caribbean islands but not sure of that

Terran: I was expecting more a nuclear winter type scene but I think the blast vaporized a lot of water and perhaps that's what led to the ice age rather than particulates as the sky feels clean and devoid of particulates

Terran: It's sunk very very fast

Terran: I'm getting a view from space there is a scar on the ocean floor

Terran: There is also some kind of submarine surviving

Terran: Unusual skin to it, has protrusions like fish fins [in intervals down its length] that generate some sort of turbulence that lessens drag.

Terran: It's a big submarine

Terran: I am seeing toppled structures and parts on the sea floor

Terran: It's like I am a fish or dolphin seeing this

Terran: It's a pod of large cetaceans providing this view

Terran: They are investigating

Terran: There's disbelief at what they see, it's so strong they don't even have sadness yet just a sense of shock

Terran: I can hear the whale sounds and squeaks

Terran: There is a dark haired woman walking on the sea at night. There's a braid around her head feels like she's there to release energies back to Source

Terran: She's there alone she is pure love

Terran: She glows in the darkness

Terran: She's made of light the whales see her from below

Terran: I see the essences of those who died come out of the water thousands of them!!! Very emotional moment

Terran: They are not forgotten they are tended to in pure love... My throat is so choked up I haven't felt the emotions of this to this point

Terran: My eyes are wet

Terran: These being's are so sad

Loie: Allow all to flow, Bill.  All is perfect.  Feel the grief and release it. Release all that is not of pure love back to Source. Loie.

Terran: It's all love Loie! It's just overwhelming

Loie: We are with you dear.  Feel our love flow to you.  Surround you.  Loie.

Terran: No wonder that traumatized humanity!

Loie: That trauma is released, now. Bill. Feel that. Loie.

Terran: The scene reminds me of the tales of the ghost warriors in Hawaii

Terran: A long procession of being's

Terran: The emotions are abating it's almost over

Terran: Guys are not very good at crying

Terran: But I feel it

Loie: We feel you, Bill. you are perfect. Loie.

Terran: The woman flies off on something that looks like a bird but not clear what it is..

Terran: There's only a full moon now reflecting off a very dark sea

Terran: The future is unknown, the only thing that is known is that everything has changed

Terran: It's very quiet

Terran: It feels like the planet does not have many humans left

Terran: They are there but few and scattered

Terran: In another place are slightly egg shaped rocket like things landing

Terran: I see a reptilian in an office, he's got a container of glass, kind of egg shape in a brass holder, it has a fragment of the crystal that blew up in Atlantis it glows blue maybe 3-4 inches wide I just see his scaly hand twirl his souvenir that is all I see of the being

Terran: That seems to be the end of the data stream

Loie: Bill. Perfect.  Thank you for your work, love.  You just now allowed for the release of deep
trauma.  It was not 'then'. There is only now, love. Rest. Relax. Allow the images to continue to flow to you as more is revealed, now. Loie.

Denice: (sun)

Denice: (as you were working, I was feeling the shock and awe.  Everyone here was surprised at the destruction)

Terran: It was more like an electrical or chemical explosion than a bomb it was of such intense energy

Terran: Nothing like an atomic bomb

Terran: Everything thing was vibrating at such intense frequencies

Denice: It feels like something is shifting, but I cannot put it into words. . .i feel it in my head, like I am searching for a memory or a thought and it is almost there.

Denice: really hard to explain.

Denice: But I was feeling something shift out in the Atlantic, which is less than 1 mile behind me right now :)

Terran: That's the part that's hard to wrap my head around seeing the destruction but knowing it still is!

Denice: yes.  I feel that, too

Denice : the most important part was the trauma release.  especially if the dolphins and whales felt it

Terran: They no doubt did as they have amazing hearing too

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