Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sphere Alliance Message #204
Memories from the Pleaides

By American Kabuki

This was one of the earliest memory work with Loie... rich in detail with a calamitous ending, followed by the construction of sphere habitats.... took me a bit to find images that were somewhat close to what I saw. This conversation is from August 11, 2016

[8/11/16, 5:38:23 PM] Terran: Loie I tried finding that place again but didn't seem to arrive.

Loie: Bill.  The portal to ALL is in your heart.  Deep within.  Go there. Loie

Terran: How did I get there yesterday?

Loie: Bill you followed your heart.  The energetic trail.  Focus on that place.  You can get there.  Breathe deeply the pure love.  The Source energy. And into your heart you go.

Terran: Am I broken? Why is this so difficult at times?

Loie: Oh  Bill! You are not broken! You are perfect!  Relax and allow all to flow.  Leave your head and sink deep into your heart.

Terran: I went somewhere but not the same place

Loie: Bill what do you desire right this very moment?

Terran: Was on a street somewhere tropical saw a black man with hair that was black and brown striped.

Terran: I want to feel ALL like Heather reminds me over and over. I am not sure I ever have honestly

Loie: Yes dear. I feel you.  Now do you feel me?  I will assist you now to feel all so that you can begin to feel all all on your own.

Terran: Or I would know!

Loie: Yes. you know when you feel all.

Loie: Ready to follow me?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Feel me in your heart.

Loie: There is no rush. No right or wrong.

Terran: I see a black and red painting when I feel for you

Loie: Well then let's go in.  Why not?  Can you dive in?

Terran: I will attempt, into the painting?

Loie: Yes.  That is what you see when you feel for me. . .go in.

Loie: I am not directing this, dear. You are. I am with you all the way!

Denice: (she's showing me images from that Robin Williams movie [What Dreams May Come] where he goes in to find his wife :) )

Terran: It's a bit like that.. I see a house and it look like it has a room for making pottery, green hand made door

Terran: The light is not as bright is there a way to make it brighter and more real looking?

Terran: I seem much taller

Terran: But not sure I see Loie but I think I feel her

Loie: Yes. Follow that feeling, Bill.  Perfect.

Terran: Following... Does it get better visuals the more I do this?

Terran: Kind of a fluid place I opened that door and end up on a new street

Terran: Street was wavy and so were the buildings

Terran: Went back in again better result a garden

Loie: Bill yes. It is practice and experience that allows you to expand.

Loie: There is no right or wrong only do.

Terran: How did you teach Heather this?

Loie: That one is nearly self-taught.

Terran: The women I know seem more adept at this than the men

Loie: Now, Bill you are there, yet your mind wanders.  There are perhaps three or four though paths. Stop them.  Focus.  It is at your direction.  It is all you.

Terran: Am I creating the visuals or enjoying them?

Loie: Well, both.  These are visual that you may have created once.  They may be created for you to enjoy.  Simply be there and breathe. . allow all to flow.  Again no right or wrong way here.  It simply is.

something like this but with a smooth light grey wall
Terran: I found a path it's a shady place with trees and something like ferns but not underneath was able to pull a leaf off which is a new thing, tactile feel

Terran: There's a medium grey wall enclosing the path [very Japanese-like garden area]

Terran: Nice contrast to all the green

Terran: It opens to a large fish pond and soft fountain circular with an interesting edging. The stones a half circle on one end of a rectangle varying heights around the edge of the pond round end up marks the edge of the pond so people don't accidentally fall in.

Terran: A hill with a trail off to the left bamboo forest below the hill

Terran: Where am I it's beautiful!

Loie: Okay, Bill. Where do you feel you are? You tell me. And yes, I am smiling

Terran: Well I just see a very Japanese house so I think this is something I built these are designs I like

Loie: I am still smiling, Bill.

Terran: Am I close?

Terran: Deeply resonating place

Loie: Close to what, dear? Did you create these scenes. Yes and no.  Did you create this structure. yes. and no I will not tell you more. . . this is your opportunity to expand. I am here with love to assist now.

Terran: I don't know how to answer that

Loie: Then go into the house.  Explore. This is perfect. Now.

Terran: 👍

Terran: There are memories here. Almost like ghosts

Loie: Let's explore more.  What do you remember?

Terran: Saw some women in [something like] kimonos carrying something down a steep stairway like a stretcher on their shoulders don't know what it is

Terran: As I go into the house it's not what I expect inside kind of cave like flat floor reminds me of the smaller fish tanks displays  at the birch aquarium

Terran: It seems to be a mausoleum not a house at all it's very dark in here

Terran: It just looks like a house on the outside

Loie: You can add light.  Say 'more light'.

Terran: That's better! Might be an archive

Terran: There's something that looks like a crystal version of a xylophone the things you strike them with are on the wall

Something like this but curved around the player with more layers lake an organ keyboard, with clear natural crystals all selected for their tones.

Terran: I see a deep narrow canyon where I once played this thing and played off the rock acoustics

Terran: There are a lot of people there. It's a frequency xylophone of some sort, long and has tiers like a pipe organ has tiers of keys

Terran: There's a strong cold rushing stream in the canyon like in the alps

Terran: I jump in the river it goes thru the can wall shoots out back into a lake long and narrow

Terran: There is a stairway up the cliff made from soft edged stones of the same rock, look like cushions more than stone but they are hard

Terran: I get a bigger view up here and it's a big place mountain at the top of the stairs. I don't know where this is

Terran: Got a zoom out birds eye view and it's big

Loie: Bill I am with you. Feel where you are. Do you feel it?

Terran: It's not my private realm. I'd guess it's Atlantis but not sure

Loie: Do not guess, dear.  Feel.  It is all within you.  No pressure. Just love.

Terran: Has a more northern climate

Terran: I'm seeing some highly advanced architecture near by, there's a building with emerald glass it's beautiful the front edge towards the water is like a ships bow

Terran: I followed some rushing water into a cave where there are massive quartz crystals hanging from the ceiling

Loie: Now what do you feel?

Loie: Who do you see?

Terran: I see a blue pool lit from below roughly square room semi cave that has steps into the blue water there are steps out of the water and lights into the building [hewn from the cave wall]

Terran: I think this is a healing place

Loie: What do you feel to do?

Terran: Go into the building

Loie: I am with you, Bill.

Terran: I didn't expect this is like a huge long movie theater people are watching something on a screen

Terran: Thousands of people in this theatre

Terran: I think this is for viewing the eternal records?

Loie: Feel it, Bill, in your heart.

Loie: You know this.

Terran: There is a scene of a galactic war. I know this scene! I want to cry!!!

Terran: Pleiades I think

Terran: Such emotions I can't believe it!!!

Loie: Yes. Close to your heart.  Hold it together and continue. . .these are for you, Bill

Loie: You are safe. I am here. Feather is here. All are here with you now as you see and feel your memories return.

Loie: At your own pace, love.

Terran: My eyes are wet my heart shakes

Terran: So much destruction!!!

Loie: When you are ready.  There is no time for this. Only when you are ready.

Terran: They came from the sky!!!

Terran: It was not expected!!!

Loie: It is not to be repeated. All are safe now.

Terran: The scene is shifting blue sphere. Neptune?

Loie: Bill ask your heart. I am here to assist. Trust yourself

Terran: I see a specialized ship creating a sphere, it's generating the plasma precursor to the sphere. Seems to be under construction.

Terran: There are swirly streams of light coming from the ship, it's more a massive energy paintbrush [for creation] than for space faring...

Terran: I see teams of people at work and a kind of blueprint. It feels familiar like I was involved with its construction

Terran: Oh Loie I have forgotten so much!

Loie: No Bill, You have remembered so very much!  Feel all that you are now aware of!

Loie: Deep within, this small journey has reminded you of all of you!

Terran: I forgot me
Loie: Bill it was designed to be this way.  No blame. No fault.  Now feel all that you recall. It is perfect!

Terran: We saved them didn't we?

Loie: Bill. all are safe.  It is, was, and always has been a grand illusion.  There were no casualties. Remember that!

Terran: It's both sad and happy such strong emotions from this time

Terran: It felt real

Loie: Now.  Take this mother's advice.  Drink a good deal of water.  Take a short walk outside in your bare feet.  And then rest.  The work is done for now, love.

Terran: Okay. Love you Loie! (heart)

Loie: Bill it is real.  Yet it is an illusion.  That is the complex yet absolute truth.  But when you know that there is no death. There can be no casualties.  I love you, too, Bill.

[some confusion on my part as to who is speaking]: Call me tomorrow.  I feel like this is good work for you.

Denice: (oh what soft and loving energy  -- and she is laughing with love of course)

Terran: Was that you Denice or Loie that said call?

Loie: Loie

Loie: All Loie

Terran: Oh man what emotions!!!

Denice : (I am in parenthesis if  I interupt)

Denice: yes. . .she had so much else going on in my ear for me to tell you, too

Denice: she's amazing!

Terran: What did she say?

Denice: well, she wants you to write this as a story. . .not a narrative.

Denice: write the scenes as you experienced them with images as you can find them

Denice: this will also wake people.

Denice: She doesn't want to be the character in your story, only a behind the scenes helper.

Terran: Along with the interaction with her?

Terran: Ok

Denice: Of course, you can preface that you had this experience with her help, but write it as you experienced the journey

Terran: I can do that

Denice: She feels that as you write it, more will flow. . .scenes, people. . .and of course you don't have to publish it it is for you

I intend to do this, but have decided to release this data for now as it came in. I do think more images and details will flow from a story format, because what happened in the Pleaides is a story of a civilization.

Terran: Maybe that event was the feeling block?

Denice: that was huge!

Denice: and so many different scenes!

Denice: and I could feel your deep trauma at the invasion

Terran: It was so beautiful

Denice: (hug)

Denice: when you said, they came from the sky, she whispered to me, they always did ;)

Terran: And it was smashed

Denice: I love her energy!

Denice: so how are you now?

Terran: You know those Star Wars scenes are not far off

Terran: I'm okay like some old [stuff] released

Denice: wow. . .I only watched the first one and the last one. . . too much for me

Denice: now I know why?

Terran: Were you in the Plieades?

Denice: Andromeda. . .shot in the back by a draco.  .hole in my chest. . . .

Terran: The crystal xylophone was really cool!

Denice: when I was driving to PA in January to see dad, I was talking to Thor and suddenly I had the taste of burnt flesh come up into my mouth. . .really gross but important for my recall.

Denice: Yes! frequencies! music!

Denice: imagine the sounds in a cave! wow!!!!!

Terran: It was not a cave a very narrow basalt or granite gorge

Denice: oh, even better, like a valley. . . .very cool!

Terran: I got the feeling with the crystal xylophone it produced music and emotions as the crystals gave off both sound and energy when played

Denice: nice!

Terran: It was curved and long

Denice: Can you believe all of the details you recovered?  You were there!

Terran: I know I played that thing
Denice: :)

Denice D: I would love to hear it!  Bring it to the party!!

Terran: I don't know where it is. Probably will have to recreate it.

Denice: maybe. . .you never know ;) nothing is what it seems (h)

Terran: What a strange collection of images and it just kept getting richer

Denice: I know!  maybe that is why she wants you to write about it. . .to trigger more images. . . ?

Denice: You kept on tonight like the energizer bunny (dance)

Denice: Great visuals!

Terran: I don't know how I ended up there but I guess it's what needed to happen

Terran: Pleiades

Denice: It was amazing from this vantage point. . .i look forward to the details as you expand it.

Denice: well, it does give a perspective now to Sherr An, Sherr On, Lila, AnDreas, and more. . they lived it

Terran: Yes they did

Terran: Also explains my Draco issues in the past

Denice: Oh yes! No doubt.

Denice: And boy am I ready to get to the bottom of all of it.  It will be good to know the details. . .since I have some partial responsibility for their creation.

Terran: I've been trying to grow a stubble beard but I'm not thinking it's going so well. The NABRAC form has a better beard

Denice: really?  I can't picture you with a beard. . .

Terran: Crystals are a big part of Pleiadian life

Denice: oh yes! for sure.  .crystals were very important from Atlantis on.

Terran: I don't have a lot of facial hair

Denice: even the Cherokee used crystals.. .but that is not well known. . .

Denice: well, you are perfect the way you are. . .:)

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