Friday, August 5, 2016

Updated: The Truman Show

This is a good moment to re-watch The Truman Show movie. 

In particular notice the posters on the travel agency wall when Truman tries to book a flight to Fiji, themes common to the major fear campaigns in Europe right now about traveling.   Notice all the themes of fear used to keep him on the island of control and how they match major events in recent months.  Note in particular the use of containment theory.  This will give you some insight to the machinations of the moment.

Also watch the end where the director Cristoph tries to trigger one disaster after another to thwart Truman's awakening.  

The director of the drama does not give up control until Truman climbs the steps out of the illusion exits the door in the wall.  You are both Truman and the Director!

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