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Memories of a young Alexander Hamilton
A heart memory exploration with Loie


In the summer of 2015, during my conversations with the Sphere Alliance data collectors, I was told that my prior life to this one, had been as Alexander Hamilton. I have had no personal recollection of this life as that man, its one thing to be told it, another to feel it and recall it.  Until now I have not had access any of these memories.  I don't know the precise dates of the images nor the ages, so any amateur historians will have bear with me. I just know the images and what I felt, smelled, and saw from these old memories.

Alexander grew up on the Caribbean island of Nevis, was largely self-taught.  His legal status as an "illegitimate son" meant the church run schools would not admit him.  He was privately tutored by Jewish scholars, worked as a merchant assistant, and wrote various newspaper articles and poetry as a teenager on the island of Nevis. One article he wrote for the local newspaper about a hurricane that ravaged Nevis, so stirred emotions on the American mainland that assistance was sent to the island. Nevis locals sensing the young Alexander's potential, raised enough funds for  him to get passage on a ship to New York City, where he went to college and studied law and became part of American colonial history.

Alexander had a remarkable life. Originally a colonial loyalist to England, through a series of events he became a vociferous advocate for Independence of the American Colonies.  His patriot pamphlets ( early blogging ;) )  caught the attention of numerous colonial generals, but he turned down offers of working for them until he was asked by George Washington to be his personal assistant.  He spoke fluent French and worked closely with the French General Lafayette,  and when General Washington was not available in some causes writing orders for the General as his proxy.  Alexander wrote much of the Federalist Papers,  which became some of the founding documents of America.

He was appointed the first secretary of the US Treasury.  According to the Sphere Alliance he was looking for ways to keep the Rothschild complex out of the new formed finances of the USA.  He was ultimately snared by a Rothschild banking honey-trap operation run by a husband and wife and blackmailed for around $25,000 in current dollars.  The only honorable way out of his mistake was to publicly admit his indiscretions with the woman to George Washington and few other cabinet officials and his own wife.  Word leaked out to others and he had the dubious honor of being America's first political sex scandal making it impossible for him to run for President.

His status of not having a "legal" father, dogged him as being a "bastard" all his life.  Its hard to imagine someone being denied basic education and respect for a father's actions today, but such were the social stigmas of the time, yet in spite of that he did not let it stop him.   His son David, and eventually himself were shot in duels over very issue of Alexander's family honor. Duels were the custom of resolving such personal honor issues in that time.  Alexander died of a bullet wound to his liver from Vice President Aaron Burr's pistol. Hamilton has been reviled for his perceived "morals" minus the context of those situations, for over a hundred years,  until the recent Broadway play by Lin-Manuel Miranda brought some public clarity to his life and contributions to American history.

His image remains on the 10 dollar bill.

[9/23/16, 7:45:32 AM]

Terran: Loie are you available?

Loie: Yes, Bill I am with you, love.  Loie.

Loie: Feel me now?

Terran: Yes

Terran: Loie can there be overlay realms?

Loie: Yes, love.  There are many interconnected 'places'.  It is all creation. Loie

Terran: Feels like I like I'm going quantum showing up in places but not in this form

Terran: Last 24 hours a lot of that

Terran: Especially while I dream

Loie: Bill expect more.  You are expanding out beyond your perceived boundaries, love. You are flowing into all.

Terran: I don't think I was even in my form but another last night

Loie: Injoy the experiences, dear.  That is the freedom of expansion.  And recall.  Loie.

Terran: The I AM state of being?

Loie: What do you feel? Loie.

Terran: I've only experienced it to that degree with [redacted] but last night it was an unknown flight instructor I think in Oregon

Loie: As you work to expand, expect more.  All is perfect, dear!  Feel me now? Loie.

Terran: Yes

Loie: Would you like to try something different? Would you like to focus an intentional visit? Anywhere/time you choose?

Terran: Will it often be that I don't know why I'm somewhere only that I need to be?

Loie: You will know why more and more often.  That is the expansion.

Terran: Sure we can try that!

Loie: Ok, love.  You choose the location and time.  I send you my pure energy as we flow there.  Recall that you are the director of the experience.  Observe, feel, and injoy.  Loie.

Loie: Shall we begin?

Terran: Yes, I'd like to experience Hamilton if that flows. I have no memories

Loie: yes, love.  Focus.  Feel my love flowing.  And here we go.  Loie.

Terran: Can you increase the flow?

Terran: I see men and women on a white pebble road, carts and horses

Terran: Kind of a wood fence along the side seems to be to keep the tropical vegetation at bay

Terran: It leads to a 2-3 story building European colonial style with a bell tower

Terran: Men have black felt hats

Terran: Wide brims

Terran: It's humid

Terran: There are shipping docks, water appears brackish [greenish] as if this is not directly on the coast but slightly inland

Terran: I see my mother, she's a very pretty woman and I'm short, obviously a kid

Loie: Increasing the flow, love.

Terran: She has a kind of a shawl and bonnet thing blue

Terran: Very fine featured woman and intelligent

Terran: We are walking down the dirt road, it's white coral

Terran: There's a strange shop has a 2nd story window with an eyeball in it, like it's carved wood seems to be some sort occult Caribbean magic thing, bit scary for a kid.  [could be an early secret society? The sense I got from the memory was that the window scared the young Hamilton a bit]

Terran: My mother has my arm

Terran: There's a bridge, near the water and a large wharf warehouse, Danish/Dutch style roofs, the paint is kind of a pink coral with green trim

Terran: Other buildings are more indigo or baby blue

Terran: It's all horse and buggy and mules here

Terran: There are sugar cane fields just outside and black slaves with no shirts on the sun is very bright

Terran: Seeing mangroves near the water

Terran: Feeling a lot of love from my mother

Terran: Beautiful woman in a tough place

I saw myself in something like
this but the jacket was more open
and the colors were tan or light
Terran: She's straightening my collar, I have a funny jacket and a ruffle shirt and pants that come up my calves fashion at the time

Terran: Seeing a man in kind of baggy trousers with a front loading pistol in his hand... he's either the local law enforcement or a pirate clothes are black or dark brown has a tricorner hat on long unkempt hair

Terran: seeing some British troops in those unmistakable colors ship is docked for supplies

Terran: There's a tropical storm coming mom takes me home, or we will get drenched it's a small house with some verandas of sticks for additional shade from the sun

Terran: The island has a mountain and it's getting very dark with tremendous lightening

Terran: I can feel this place

Terran: I can smell it

Terran: This is a hard place labor and more labor and even the slave owners are struggling

Terran: Merchants are a bit better off but not much the ships needing supplies keep them going

Terran: It's got that feel of Europeans trying to create familiar architecture in a completely different climate

Terran: I see an upper deck with European ivy on it, not native to this place [a portico on a large public government building]

Terran: There is a man with long curly brown hair and his best clothes calling on my mom, she's not married. She sends me out to town

Terran: I know what's going on but I like the freedom of exploring on my own.

Terran: These arrangements are common on this remote island

Terran: All I know is she loves me deeply it's all that matters

Terran: I feel good about me because I feel loved

Terran: There is a wagon of small wooden barrels, maybe one or two gallons, I think it's cane syrup I ask the man if I can help him unload it, he's grateful for the help, he's a merchant

Terran: I'm 9 or 10 or thereabouts not tall but strong enough

Terran: There's a kind of a restaurant along the side of a building a deck near the river outlet, some kind of a stew

Terran: There's a woman serving, blonde, very flirty with the patrons the place does a lot of business they are all men

Terran: Sailors, pirates, merchants rich and poor

Terran: It's surprisingly civil, but I get the feeling it's because everyone is armed so everyone is respectful

Terran: Nobody asks too many questions

Terran: There's a British platoon marching through, not so much a march of men but a plodding thru of a tired bunch of men.

Terran: Everyone local knows everyone

Terran: I have a younger brother

Terran: Maybe 5 or 6?

Terran: I'm on a mountain seeing the sailing ships coming in

Terran: I thinks that's all I can do for now.

Loie: Bill, how do you feel? Loie.

Terran: I feel good. I had a really great mother, who did what she had to survive, what I felt was her love, and intelligence. She was a strikingly beautiful and attractive woman

Terran: The life was simple in many ways

Terran: A great many more distractions in this life

Terran: Reading was the only distraction of that time other than drinking, story telling or sex

Terran: I got a sense of context from it all

Loie: Perfect, love!  Feel all flow now freely as you expand.  You are perfect! Loie.

Powder horn of Alexander Hamilton, notice the flower of life carved into it on the left.
In this life I often drew those things with a compass to pass the time in the summer.
image courtesy of

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