Thursday, September 29, 2016

Work with Loie 9/28/16 - Glimpses of the New Earth

[9/28/16, 11:08:07 AM]

Terran: Feeling Loie btw

Denice: want to work with Loie now?

Terran: Yes! Love working with her so much fun and I see such cool stuff!

Denice: ready when you are :)

Terran: Hi Loie!

Terran: Bill I am with you.  Yes, you feel me. Loie.

Terran: Like a very dear friend showing up at the door!

Terran: Loie how did all the 11 manage to be on Earth in form at this time? It was not always concurrent was it?

Loie: You are correct. It was rare for all 11 to be in form at one moment.  The last moment was the timeline of the  Crucifixion.  This was indeed part of the absolute plan. Loie.

Terran: Did we preplan that or was it Sources doing?

Loie: You all are source and all planned this end game.  In pure love it is more intricate and complicated because of will and choice.  Loie.

Terran: It's a labyrinth so far. Often like a whack-a-mole game at Chucky Cheese

Terran: All these systems were planned but it's like.a PC with a bunch of malware on it

Loie: Yes. So accurate.  Now, I send you a pulse and shall we go for a ride? Loie.

Terran: Yes where to?

Loie: Your choice, love. Loie.

Terran: Let's see where Source takes me

Loie: Here we go, love! Loie.

Loie: Feel me?

Terran: ABSOLUTELY!!! Blast away love!

Terran: Seeing a seen of a kitchen, white cups kind of light airy Southern type homes near the beach what you might see in Charleston SC

Terran: Porches and decks on a slope above a beach or river all very tidy and clean and a greenish shade of ivory

Terran: There's a white teenage girl black with curls, dress has country theme patterns some lace

Terran: She's running some where

Terran: Across a back deck, it feels more like she's late to a social engagement than an issue of fear

Terran: Feels serene actually

Terran: There is an ivory trellis with Concord grapes growing in it

Terran: Along the back of the house and this boardwalk/deck

Terran: Feels like the New Earth

Terran: Feels like humans in form that have not been in form for a while and they prefer clothing styles from another time and there seems a bit of a lot of styles of clothing

Terran: There are more houses one grey with white trim and some massive oak trees trunks 4 feet or more

Terran: I'm seeing a campfire and some country types and a song about "dosey do" and dancing at a cookout, much joy

Terran: This combined with an image of a kind of space ship, kind of like a trimaran.. three fuselage with kind of a uniting airfoil across the top for stability while in atmosphere

Terran: Center fuselage is primary I think the external pods (smaller diameter) are for cargo it's grey and white kind of looks like a Boeing design has that style, big clear dome on the front center fuselage where the pilot sits he has visibility like a helicopter pilot apparently for tight landing spots

Terran: There was an antigravity drone that flew over, orange outer ring center is x shaped with golden half domes under it.  Feels like its utilitarian not for spying or war

Terran: There is a kind of rodeo, but the horses are robotic

Terran: Like the sport lived on minus any animal cruelty

Terran: Robotic horses are quite the thing and some are very fast

Terran: Very high tech

Terran: They are less animal like and more like the tech in a dirt bike

Terran: Very shiny

Terran: Yet they have a kind of saddle

Terran: And anodized blue bolts lol

Terran: Silver with blue bolts

Terran: I'm seeing a fantastic town made from homes of red and yellow bricks with lots of Moscow type domes but more geometric and angular almost Dr Suess like

Terran: Incredible variety of styles

Terran: I'm going to have to break here need to go with Bev to the power company

Loie: Bill. perfect as always.  I am with you, love.  Loie.

Terran: I'm having so much fun with this work Loie!

Loie: Yes, love.  As it is supposed to be! Fun! Loie.

Terran: I love you Loie!

Terran: And Bill, you know I love you! Loie.

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