Wednesday, October 5, 2016

UPDATED 10/5/16: Work with Loie 9/29/16 - Glimpses of North Africa, an Undersea base, Argartha and a Reunion Party

Terran note: 10/5/16 This was the 2nd attempt to find out what the Limestone house with a slate roof in the snow was, the prior attempt got preempted by a potential false flag event being planned...  on the 2nd attempt I got more data, its a small party of old friends.

[9/29/16, 10:01:38 AM]

Terran: Loie do you have a moment?

Loie: Bill I am here.  Feel me now? Loie.

Terran: Wow!!!

Denice D: Too strong, love? Loie.

Terran: Oh no! I love those frequencies!!! You can do it more!

Loie: Ok, here we go! Ready to feel what you are looking for? Loie.

Terran: Sure I don't know what that means but I think I'm about to find out!

Loie: Follow the flow love! Loie.

Terran: I'm going to have to go to the barn house too much conversation here

Terran: I recenter Loie and begin again

Loie: Bill, I send you my love now, as we go for an adventure! Loie.

Terran: Ready Loie

Loie: Feel me? Loie.

Terran: My apologies Loie for the starts and stops

Loie: All is perfect love! We both know that! Loie.

Loie: Here we go. Boosted a bit for you now. Loie.

Terran: Thank you! ❤️

Terran: Seeing an incredibly ornate room red and gold pattern fabrics on walls ceiling and furniture black metal patterned lamps almost Moroccan

Terran: It's like I'm looking thru the eyes of a very beautiful brunette woman who's looking at herself with a mirror that has a brown wooden handle

Terran: There is a bedroom I see her sit up from a bed. It's like a very large futon with wood underneath, the slats are rounded at the foot, like large popcicle sticks staggered in length every other one, cedar brown

Terran: She opens the doorway to a balcony it's a semi arid climate could be Morocco

Terran: Vegetation is green wind is warm

Terran: Really feels like North Africa

Terran: Energy is increasing in me

Terran: We are riding horseback on a ridge line looking at a barren landscape canyons, she's going to make it Green here. She is the energy painter...

Terran: We have Arab like cloths on our heads because of the heat

Terran: Plants and trees emerge from the ground at a highly accelerated rate

Terran: [Scene change] We camp on two side of a desert campfire

Terran: Africa has such a raw earth energy that you don't feel in the USA

Terran: A ship flies over in the dark, it's kind of like a glass oblong bubble within a metal lateral frame... blue light emerges from it

Terran: It lands

Terran: We climb the steps the crew has uniforms bit like an airline

Terran: She goes in first I follow

Terran: Scene changes and it looks like we are in the ocean in this thing

Terran: It's an undersea base

Terran: We just kind of pop thru the water, not sure how they keep the water out but they do

Terran: Feels military in construction [the undersea base]

Terran: There are craft here I have never seen before kind of a bluish grey cast to them like they are painted with a low friction coating, the craft are sleek like dolphins but not that shape

Terran: They are building anew huge craft but it's not even 20% complete, looks like they built the top first and build the bottom underneath it, it's held by cranes

Terran: There is something like stasis pods along the walls with people but filled with a fluid don't know what that is about

Terran: There are not that many people here feels like a skeleton crew to keep it open

Terran: Dining hall and auditorium are empty

Terran: The woman takes me up a short stairwell wants to show me something

Terran: It's a formal dining area with full view of the ocean

Terran: The dining table is like a large executive conference table bigger in the middle than on the ends

Terran: Whales and sharks and other fish swim by

Terran: The glass wall

Terran: Very bluish light in here

Terran: This place was very secret but feels like that's no longer true

Terran: There is a transport tunnel into the earth

Terran: Seeing images of human workers building it [years prior], there are rails

Terran: There are capsule like trains [mostly glass], could be pneumatic assist like the bank drive up teller tubes

Terran: They are pointed at the ends but roundy

Terran: Supersonic?

Terran: Me and the woman get on board, she still has this luxurious Morocco or Asian style red with gold flowing dress

Terran: Feels like I am in more western clothes now

Terran: We get in the train car which is roughly the size of those transport shuttles at SEATAC

Terran: It accelerates very rapidly the glass seems to be like LCD and becomes opaque with various sub screens so we don't get nauseated by the rapid movement thru the tunnel sections I do not know where this goes

Terran: It's more like being in an airline once underway

Terran: Seeing views of the car whizzing through tunnels

Terran: It some to a stop at a station

Terran: Deep blue back wall lights come on in response to the train

Terran: Feels like this might be argartha but only seeing a craft hangar

Terran: Can you boost the flow Loie?

Loie: Yes, love. Boosting now.  Feel me? Loie.

Terran: Yes

Terran: (ok)

Terran: (hug)

Terran: We are I an a trailer with seats connected to a small tractor thing, no bigger that a large riding lawnmower

Terran: Wherever  we are going is not far

Terran: We are walking up a ramp that has a slight slope with stairs there is water stream flowing to the left

Terran: There's much more light here

Terran: A lot of light here my eyes will have to adjust

Terran: There is an energetic thump and shudder when we enter like our energy was felt but the inhabitants and the realm itself. They have not seen us in a long while

Terran: These feel like light form beings... does that make sense Loie? They are slightly less bound to Earth physics and move in unexpected ways, one guy came floating down like there was and insivble platform under him

Terran: A woman floated by upside down but her hair was not pulled by gravity

Terran: It's and odd place there is light here too but there's kind of an emerald sea green cast here too... a dome?

Terran: There's a structure to this but can't quite make sense of it

Terran: Chairs appear on demand glass like chairs

Loie: Allow the flow love.  Sense and logic limit us.  Loie.

Terran: The place seems to provide what is needed when it's needed

Terran: It feels like this place is many things depending on perspective

Terran: Maybe 30 beings in these chairs with us

Terran: There's a discussion two rows of chairs face to face no table. No pulpit

Terran: Something is agreed to, feels like they provide assistance. Men and women in blue and grey uniforms and helmets feel like pilots maybe?

Terran: Seeing a very futuristic crew Locker room, the lockers are curved in like an airplane fuselage so they don't get in the way of movement

Terran: Doors open inwards

Terran: They are suiting up

Terran: Underwater gear? Space gear? I don't know

Terran: They climb a ladder to a room of strange craft, like snow globes on lunar lander legs

Terran: We get in sit in two seats in the back of a pilot, as they rise the legs fold up. Feels like dimensional craft?

Terran: Basically a flying bubble

Terran: (How much time Denice?)

Denice: 15 mins :)

Terran: K

Terran: There is hole that opens in the dome, which now appears blue a portal we fly into it

Terran: We emerge from the base of a very large redwood tree a mountain something like Yosemite

Terran: The redwood has a cave like opening

Terran: At least I think it's a redwood no other tree is that big

Terran: I'm seeing a two to three story house limestone with a slate roof, snow on top

Terran: Feels like a party I'll break here the house makes a good book mark to pick up later

Loie: Perfect Bill.  Keep it and allow it to unfold within you, Love.  Loie.

Loie: I am with you now and always. Loie.

Terran: Thank so much Loie!

Loie: You are so very welcome, love! Loie.


Not exactly the same house I saw but close in many ways

Terran: Got Loie on the switchboard?

Loie: Bill, love I am with you. Loie.

Terran: Hi Loie! ❤️

Loie: Bill, feel me now? Loie.

Terran: Yes love

Loie: Where do you wish to go? Loie.

Terran: Tell me more about whirlwinds

Loie: The flow is infinite, Dear.

Loie Bill words and labels are sometimes interchangeable. Whirlwinds, waves, influx. All describe the same thing, the increased frequencies.

Terran: Ok

Terran: I would like to try that limestone house again

Loie: Yes love, sending you a pulse of energy, let's ride the flow there. Loie.

Terran: Chest is hot

Loie: Breathe deeply love. Remain comfortable.

Terran: I walk in Dani hears "Bill is here" mid drink and nearly chokes grabs my arm and takes me into a party in progress

Terran: There's some bright lights in here out back is a deck overlooking a river

Terran: I see kids on the floor trying to figure out how to play twister

Terran: Mostly adults though

Outside to the left is skating rink with a kind of wood deck with those rectangular infrared heater keeping people warm it's a cold climate

Terran: I'm getting Canada

Terran: Heather is here so is Caleb

Terran: And Muxi

Terran: Gotta be Dani's place... Or a friend of hers

Terran: Some lights are on now kids playing ice hockey there are nets over the windows in case of flying pucks

Terran: Feels like a small gathering

Terran: The deck to the right of the house goes downwards there's kind of a theatre or maybe dance hall below the house

Terran: It's a pub lol!!! Brilliant

Terran: Feels like an English pub

Terran: Has food etc... can't be Dani's house she doesn't drink much 

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