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Updated 10/22/16 with information from Kauilapele's blog...

By American Kabuki

Oliver Troll of Sweden found this document (located farther down in this article), purportedly from the hacking group "ANONYMOUS".  The PDF metadata dates it from October 16th, 2016.   Ollie posted it today as an update to a prior post in 2015 commenting on a Steve Greer video (no longer available) about an expected "Alien False Flag Event".

"Alien" is a loaded word, whether its used in conjunction with illegal immigration, or galactic beings.  Even "ET/Extra-terrestrial" is a loaded word because it implies someone not from here.  But the truth is almost All the ETs/Galactics have their origins in the Atlantis 1 or Atlantis 2 epochs, or derive from original essence beings from Earth/The Original Garden who created them in other locations.

After Atlantis 2 collapsed into the sea, this planet became occupied by non-Earth origin galactics, operating either from hidden underground locations in original Draco form, Draco/Zeta hybrids or openly in human hybrid form as human hybrid Chinese/Dracos or the caucasian form Orion/Dracos, which the Chinese Dragons and Ben Fulford refer to as "the Cabal".  The Orion/Dracos have always historically aided the Draco control of this planet in the financial and commerce systems. There is also the Draco Max, who's role has been one of Ambassadors and diplomats to other civilizations and some rare forms of flying reptiles (not often seen on earth although there was one spotted recently in Laos which I take as a sign of how far frequencies have shifted on this planet that it can be seen...).

What I saw in the review of the data with Loie from memories of the ALL in Atlantis 2, it was both an act of hubris, by Atlanteans caught up in a separation mindset and hunger for power while under influence of covert Draco operatives (must likely in human form). I was tortured and killed in Atlantis 2 while attempting to keep a data crystal out of Draco hands.

Humans are not a species of some advanced ape.  Apes are a downgraded version of humans. The human form is specifically created to be vehicles and transmitting utilities for Source Essence beings, which are Source essence in form.  You are far more than your body.  You are infinite and Source itself.   The real YOU never dies.  It is truly Eternal.  It is a unique expression and experience of Source itself.   ETs, in a broader view really ARE US!

A point I want to stress, is that all humans, whether they were here by agreement or by invasion long ago are equally human. A small minority of them have had a sense of superior entitlement to rule over the rest of humanity.

Source works in many strange ways sometimes, even taking the worst of actions and cause them to work out a long term plan for the good, which is what the hybrid draco forms are.  What was created by force by mixing of DNA in galactic gene labs in Orion and elsewhere (the truth is all humans are hybrids of some sort!) will provide a human form for the draco based essences.  They have a right to be here as beings of Source. What they do not have the right harm others.  All Galactics originated here one way or the other, perhaps not in their current form but this Earth is a much fought over primal spot of creation.

I saw, in my work with Loie on September 30th that a possible Alien False Flag event was planned for Florida.  It exists as a possibility, not yet an actuality (and hopefully it never will be),  where an SSP metallic tube-like ship would be shot down by a US military jet, sacrificing that crew (or perhaps its unmanned) so that it fell on a city already traumatized by Zika scare.  I did not have any written proof of such a plan until today, but this was penned 16 days later.  If this document is as genuine as I think it is, what I saw seems to be part of an even bigger plan to coincide with illusions created by large lasers in the sodium layer of the atmosphere.  There is also a tie  to the current Zika scares.

This document is presented as a strategy paper of how to force a win for Hillary, should she continue to slide in the polls by manipulating the public with a concocted Galactic event.  In October she was sliding in the polls, and if the news outlets are to believed (and they have not been reliable as of late) she is ahead in the polls now. Its quite astounding really in how it lays it out.

There are patents at Lawrence Livermore Labs to use chemtrails as a projection tool, by creating a form of plasma that present false images.  A lot of this stuff comes out of Lawrence Livermore.  If its a hoax, or disinfo to delegitimize those who speak of ETs and or those who expose Hillary and the Clinton Foundation like Wikileaks, its certainly written like a think tank document.

Here's the amazing parts.... which outline a plan to create a fake laser projected invasion along with EMF manipulation of the humans so that they become incapacitated at which point government agencies and NGOs will administer pacifying psychotropics to the doped up public.


Recommended Salvage: FIRESIGN 
For almost two decades the Department of Defense and NASA have coordinated on a black book project under the codename FIRESIGN. FIRESIGN’s aim is to create a religious “awe effect” in enemy populations to create an instantaneous psychological soft-kill (abject submission).

The operation uses high powered lasers to project real seeming images on the sodium layer 100km above the surface. These images can cover hundreds or even thousands of square miles and can appear completely real, three dimensional, and can move. 
These visual cues are augmented with pulsed ELF electromagnetic emissions (see: PROJECT SANGUINE) that attack the specific areas of the prefrontal cortex that are stimulated during religious experience. In limited tests, subjects have been able to be overwhelmed on both axis of vastness (an overwhelming of the subject’s frame of reference) and a powerful need-for accommodation
The mix of these two will produce inaction, lack of focus on self or individual interaction, and gross transformations in mental equilibrium (a Road-to-Damascus Experience). 
The ability to produce these effects across 23% of the continental United States is the objective of FIRESIGN and field tests in the Levant have proven successful. The FIRESIGN scenario is that of an invading extraterrestrial force of nearly incomprehensible scale (massive floating cities descending, god-sized “walkers” among the clouds with terrifying weapons, wheels of fire and eyes, etc.). 
This phenomena, when activated will bring electoral and social systems to a halt and, in afflicted areas, will permit a narrative wherein POTUS is able to “Call a halt” to the invasion and then “hand over the torch” to Clinton, providing a basic continuity of state.
The aftermath of FIRESIGN will be the psychological subjugation of areas where uprisings are most likely to occur. The induced trauma of FIRESIGN will provide ample cover to government and NGOs who will be “providing aid” (psychotropic to induce docility) and counseling services which will ensure further domestication. 
FIRESIGN will require a great deal of power, mobile command stations with nitrogencooled super-computers, and the co-opting of the ELF arrays. We have created a schedule and teams roster that can be moved into position following the third debate.


Here's the original PDF as found on Ollie's web site and on SCRIBD.  I no longer put documents on SCRIBD as they are demanding either an APP or a login to view documents, which takes away from its utility value to those who would rather remain anonymous while reading.

You can download the PDF HERE


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Kauilapele posted these comments today, and he makes some good points...which I will address in red comments below....

I HAVE MY DOUBTS about… the (in-) Famous “Benenson ‘Salvage Program’ Report” that recommends “False Flag Alien Invasion to save Clinton Campaign”

Click to open the pdf
[Kp note: want to skip to my summary? Here it is: “Overall, I cannot put any “faith” in this report. To me, it is a flash in someone else’s pan. Not mine.”]
This thing has been flying around the internet tubes recently, and posted by several people. I am not even going to post the document. Here’s a link to download the pdf. The image above is from the top of page 1 of that document.
Well, this one has had a circuitous journey, at least as it “popped” into my awareness. Here’s how it went:
  1. Someone sent me this link:
  2. I looked through that page and found this link to Oliver Troll’s blog:
  3. Oliver’s page had a link to this pdf of a supposed Benenson Strategy Group report, entitled “SALVAGE PROGRAM” (Exopolitics also had this link to the report)
  4. Somewhere after this I noticed Dr. Salla had posted this article at (and that’s where part of my title came from).
  5. The above article said it had started out as a post on BeforeItsNews (a note: I believe anyone can have an account there; it’s a “repeater” site; you post something on your own blog, and it automatically “repeats it” to BeforeItsNews… if you have an account there) (here’s a link to the KP BFIN page).  [BeforeItsNews is a newsfeed site, much like Rumor Mill News actually but done in a different way -AK]
  6. Anyway, I then went to Benenson Strategy Group’s website,, and that’s when I noticed the BSG logo on the website was NOT the same as the logo on the report.
  7. Doubts about this report arose in my mind.
  8. Went to and looked up, and looked at their logos over the past 5 years.
Alright, I’m not doing an advanced analysis or anything like that. But take a look at the BSG logo in the report (image at top). Now, take a look at the current BSG logo:
2016 BSG logo (used after 5-5-14)
Quite a difference. Now look at prior logos (from ~2014 and 2012):
2014 BSG logo (used prior to 5-5-14)
2012 BSG logo (used prior to 10-6-12)
So the 2012 logo is the one that’s used in this report. A 2012 logo is used in a “supposedly from 2016” BSG report (for the Clinton Foundation, no less) (note: the report pdf metadata says it was created on 10-18-16 (open the pdf, click File, Properties, and you’ll see the date)).
Doubt 1: Why would anyone use a 2012 logo in a 2016 report? Especially if it is from a highly professional company with high end clientele (link to clientele), and surely they must prepare numerous professional reports each year. Makes no sense to me.
[The same question could be asked of  why would the Federal Reserve issue Bonds  to the Chinese dragons with embedded spelling errors in the 1930s?  Simple... plausible deniability.  How many have tried to cash those bonds and been arrested for forgery since? Information that comes from 3 letter agencies often has a burnable trail.  This might be one of them.  
KP makes some very good points in this post on this document.  I missed the obvious in regards to the logo.  My bad.  The flash is in my pan. Love you KP!  :)
I would hope KP uses similar analytical acumen when he guru-izes, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Cobra,  Poof/Zap, Quinsey and Sheldon Nidle, as very little of that information has panned out.  In fact almost none of it.  Zap has to have the worst bankers on the planet. 
I am not discounting that all these people have raised awareness, they have.   Corey Goode in particular.  That man has some huevos!  Some of the information Corey Goode is getting is not from actual trips to SSP meetings, its coming from him being in alternate states of consciousness and the dream state, but he does not specify that. Yet all are presenting story lines not of their own creation.  And all of them are conditionally releasing material as their handlers allow. -AK]
Doubt 2: The address shown on the report is 1000 Potomac Street, Washington, D.C. 20007. However, BSG’s website has the address as, “1901 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 1000 Washington, DC 20006”. There is one FB page that does have that “1000 Potomac Street” address, but there is no website listed. The (apparently) official BSG FB page, has the website listed.
Doubt 3: The report itself seems to read very pro-Trump. One header even states, “Trump Voters are Virtually Unstoppable”.   [I don't consider that pro-Trump...  Its a statement of fact.they ARE a dedicated lot.  You cannot find a Hillary Kaine poster anywhere in Texas. He's very popular in Texas and the other border states that have been contending with the unfettered immigration and its costs to the state governments. -AK]
Doubt 4: So where did it really come from anyway? Being posted at BeforeItsNews tells you nothing. Anyone who has an account with BeforeItsNews could have posted it. How can you tell it’s from “Anonymous”?  [My guess at this stage, its an Intel drop, with plausible deniability.  The question would be from whom? The technology does exist, and someone clearly wanted a connection pointed out between the Clinton Foundation and the Benenson Strategy Group.  Another possibility is that is from that group and some lazy secretary used an only logo on their PC.   I have seen stranger things.  My feel on this is not to pull the article, what needed to be seen has been seen.  Which changes the probabilities. These people like to work unseen and that's no longer possible.  - AK]
“Overall, I cannot put any “faith” in this report. To me, it is a flash in someone else’s pan. Not mine.”

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