Monday, October 31, 2016

Session with Loie on October 30, 2016
Seeing a Sphere coming into view
in a future moment in Texas

Loie: Bill, nice work, dear! Loie.

Bill: Thank you! I was hoping to learn more we will chat again! Hi Loie!

Loie: Bill I have an important visual for you. When you are ready.
Feel me?

Bill: I felt you had something important

Loie: Yes, love.

Bill: Yes feel you very clearly tonight perhaps because I'm rested

Loie: Boosting the flow now, love! Follow the flow.

Bill: Should I describe or keep to myself?
Flow is growing

Loie: As you feel, love. Transparency is perfect. But privacy is respected, too.

[a short session regarding another person's rather exceptional childhood redacted for privacy]

Loie: Feel me, Bill? I am with you.

Bill: Yes I feel you that set of images faded

Loie: Ready for one more?

Bill: Yes

Loie: Boosting the flow, dear.

Bill: Seeing flowers and plant life much like Texas

Bill: I feel Riggolts yellow submarine but not getting a full image it's behind trees

Bill: I see [redacted] and Beverly

Bill: Seems like we are waiting for something there are outdoor lawn chairs [bit of tailgating party
behind the "Yellow Submarine"]

Bill: Feels like we are watching a sphere come into view yet the yellow submarine is behind us like Riggolt is with us

Denice: (Big energy here)

Bill: The Sphere ends up like a futuristic city. Gleamingly shiny and beautiful

Bill: We might be 30 miles away on this view

Bill: Certainly lots of land here for that

Loie: It is closer than you think, love. Literally.

Bill: It's way beyond even our concept of modern

Loie: Feel me?

Bill: Yes.

Bill: I take Riggolt becoming seen an earlier event. He's all arms and legs. He's there with us hanging out...

Bill: Funny we are in the wild with lawn chairs and a space ship lol

Loie: Yes, love.  All is perfect!

Bill: And it all seems perfectly normal!

Denice: (This sounds strange, but i feel my brain making connections. Remembering and knowing how this works. . . like little building blocks.)

Bill: Explain?

Loie: Yes, love. Normal and joyful! Loie.

Bill: Yes!

Denice: (I am feeling little white and blue blocks/Squares opening up a few at a time so i can get it at my pace)

Bill: (Trust it Denice probably data unpacking)

Denice: (This feels like it is going to be easier than i thought)
(Visibility, i mean) 😊

Bill: I take there's a kind of sequence to the spheres being seen

Loie: Bill, I will send love frequencies to you now. For you and through you, dear.

Bill: I will send on to the all

Loie: Bill, sequential ordered, and perfect!

Loie: Allow the flow, and in joy!

Bill: Feeling it!

Bill: Centered high on my body this time

Loie: Rest well, dear! The fun is about to begin! Loie.

Bill: Love you Loie! Thank you!

Loie: And I love you, too dear! Thank You!

Denice:  (Going to be interesting! Feels amazing)

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