Monday, April 4, 2016

As We Shift: The Pleiadians: "Dear, Dear Human"

These last few weeks there are many early morning wake up calls.  Most will be shared in the newsletter, which you can sign up for here. This one felt urgent and wonderful and necessary to be posted everywhere, so please share!  It is the answer to all of our collective dreams and wildest imaginings, as well as validation for what we have been saying –
WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Note – The night before I was woken up every few hours.  This ended approximately 3:00 AM or so.  I awaken for the day at 5:00 AM.

“I would like to connect with those beings who woke me up last night?”

We are here!!!

Hello!  I see many smiling faces.  I am available now for conversation.  Would you like to connect?

We would! Yes! We are more than ready.

Okay then, please introduce yourself for the readers, although I already sense your “signature”.

Of course you do for we are your sisters from the Pleiades.  Hello.  We have many updates and items to share.  This is a most wonderful batch of news to transmit. In the midst of what sounds and feels depleting, we would like to offer replenishment.

This is the reason for our exuberance and insistence the night of your sleeping.  We felt this good news could not be too soon told.  We very much want to share now.

Go ahead then. It is good to “see” you again.

For us as well Sophia, for us as well.  Although we are always watching – engagement in “real time”” is so very much more satisfying.

Yes, it would seem so.  What news did you want to transmit?

This is a moment of lightness entering previously darkened places.  This now moment is gaining in brilliance even as these words are heard and written.

It is darkness that prevents you from seeing.  Darkness not as a being or an action so much as a state of circumstance, an opinion, an “assumption”.

What darkness does is obscure what is available.  It does not erase it, but prevents its readiness.  It takes light to illuminate these dark and unseen parts.  Light emerges from a source of energy.  This energy at its core is pure love, absolute essence.

What is happening that is so very exciting is portions of darkness are disappearing at a constant rate.  It is as if they are being regularly and systematically zapped with light beams.

What is the source of the light?  The source is absolute love.  There is no other explanation.

What we wanted to say was this.  Each “partial disclosure” event, however small and expected is affecting the field exponentially.  It seems to be doing this against the intents of those holding the power and without the direct intention of those who are still enslaved.

What’s happening is that these small disclosure events and as well magical sharing’s amongst your community are re-enforcing the truth of who you are.  For many, many, many “years” so much of your deepest knowing’s have been ridiculed – things like non-human life and space and flying ships and hidden sexual abuse, government black budgets and “trolls” interfering in your social media and esoteric information sites – are all gradually being repeated out loud for a larger population. 

This validation restores your belief in yourselves and reinforces self-acceptance.
As you accept yourselves your hearts expand.  This expansion from your most powerful physical organ (the heart) creates streams of energy/light – thus the darkness is illuminated.  With each new particle of light comes a new awakening – a realization that there’s been a misjudgment – and a re-alignment of focus.  This only amplifies each possible beam of light and love expands.

This love, this light, this core of that which you are – is erasing the darkness and exponentially increasing the amount of love (that is) present.

It’s like magic really – an unpredicted fallout of what had been hoped to be a gradual release of hold on you and control of you is that “Full Disclosure” is being forced/pushed/extruded out with each new element of truth revealed.

You see – it is self-love that increases the light and thus shines on the darkest areas.  This increases as more and more facts are released and accepted as truth.

It is a circle and what was not counted on was the power of ONE that drives it all. 
What we are so excited about is watching you create a beautiful NEW PARADIGM.  One unscripted by either component, yet one that serves every component.

If a gradual data release causes less shock and overall disruption, while a complete outing of truth causes more benefit – then both must occur for maximum power and appreciation of all of humanity.  You are ONE.  It would seem that your unity has created a scenario that allows each of you to gradually appreciate your unique contribution and perfection while accepting every facet of yourselves.  It is not within the human to intentionally harm itself.  It is within the human to love.

You are only at the beginning stages – what you do and how you do this will be witnessed by all of us as it unfolds.

You are a joy to watch.  As an infant rejoices in its discovery of new appendages – you too are celebrating unknown and under-appreciated parts of yourselves.

We mentioned earlier how the energy of the children helps propel the lifting of the tarp. It is with so much childlike exuberance that you release and discover the truth of who you are.  Not just a few of you – all of you have been weighed down with self-doubt, self-hatred and self-abuse.  Self-love provides a much needed antidote to these ideas and brings new light to what has been hidden from view.

What is so shocking for us watching is the speed with which this occurs.  We see instantaneous healings, remembering’s and awakenings; despite every plan to hold you captive.


We wanted to say to you, to your readers:

“Dear, dear human.  In your hearts is held the blueprint for your expansion.  It matters not its current physical covering or life role.  You all came for one purpose.  It has been known always you would succeed, yet not known how.  As you play out your games of manipulation and self-absorption, a greater hand guides you.  Self-love explodes and all “agendas” are shattered, leaving only ONE standing, ONE loving, ONE essence; TRUTH.  It is an honor to witness your mastery with this physical instrument.  Your notes are clear, your song magnificent.  We anxiously observe this performance, even knowing the ending doesn’t diminish it.  Congratulations.  We love you.”

That is all, Sophia.

Thank you.

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