Wednesday, April 13, 2016

GAIA PORTAL: Harbingers of planetary change are recognized

Harbingers of planetary change are recognized
by √ČirePort

Harbingers of planetary change are recognized.

Electives are sought, and selected.

Frequencis of Hue-Being mastery complete their functions.

Full motion forward.

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As We Shift - Emergence

For the longest “time”, there’s been a wondering of just what it means to increase frequency/become enlightened/switch to another dimension.  What does it mean right here on the ground, that place where we humans hang out.

You see, in a very real way, many things have already shifted.  Life is approached with wide open eyes and an attitude of giving.  This is not to say all things are perfect, but that an awareness accompanies the days, as well as an acceptance.

This past Sunday, when a massive change was experienced, something sort of jumped out at me.  It is this:

Consciousness Is.
It is not that we are born unconscious and have to work to create it.
Consciousness is our natural state.
Like a faucet, it has been prevented from flowing with some very specific programs and media and systems.  They act like a shut off valve.

Now when you turn a faucet “off” it doesn’t destroy your chances of ever getting water.  It only blocks the flow.  Temporarily, that is, UNTIL YOU TURN IT BACK ON.

On Sunday, one of the blocks was removed. This created an acceleration of consciousness.  Some of us experienced an unusual sense of peace and calm.  Some of us experienced hope.  Others found themselves knowing “it’s all going to be all right.” Some slept or had incredible meditations.  And still others of us headed outside with Mother Earth.  There was happiness. And at the time – NONE OF US KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING.

When this showed up, it reminded me that there is nothing special to do or anywhere special to be.  Everyone is perfectly placed.  This was not an “ascension event”, yet it was part of a process we create and experience simultaneously.  We moved a blockade and created an upsurge of consciousness.  Whether or not you were aware of this, matters little – we are One.

This video speaks volumes.  (Click here) Think about the constant commercials on all forms of media.  They provide a continuous stream of how sick, needy and unattractive we are.  WE ARE CREATOR GODS MASQUERADING AS ASSOCIATIVE BEINGS.  WE CREATE WHAT WE BELIEVE AND WE BELIEVE WHAT WE ARE TOLD OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Our consciousness just got a power boost. We can take this anywhere.

Old programs and corporate greed will still play out around us.  As they do – listen, look and speak up.  Know why it is that you are doing all that you are doing.  If it’s not in line with your new vision – do something else.

What has to be the most thrilling moment for us is here.  It explodes with possibility.  It is proof of our power.  It was our collective choice that made this possible.

You see, the end of this ownership was always guaranteed.  If not by our own will; there was a deadline.  It happened by our own decision.  This stands now as evidence of our accelerated consciousness.

The video with this post is included for two reasons.  One as a demonstration of how susceptible we are to suggestion; the other is to demonstrate the power of invisible influence and mindless compliance. This now serves as a jumping off point.  It’s time to ramp up your awareness and fly as you were born to.

No special title or ability is necessary.  The secret is out of the bag.  What the human adds to this mix of creation is compassion.  If left on our own we resort to oneness.

It’s not that consciousness hits us “WHAM!” LIKE A SHOT OF LIGHT.  It’s so much more.  We are beings of light already.  We’ve only recently been told that truth.  As our consciousness accelerates, we can’t help but move into the frequency that incorporates oneness, that actualizes love; enlightenment.

These are components of our very essence. They emerge from within.  When the shift occurs it is inaccurate to see a state of being “left behind” or “moved ahead”.  All of us are perfectly placed to emerge beautifully.  Our frequency decides our response to any signal.  There is no judge, no jury; there is choice and manifestation.

You’ve spoken loud enough now to free yourself.  What comes next is sovereignty.  
Have no doubts. 

We are the ones we are waiting for.

With so much love,

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