Friday, April 22, 2016

As We Shift - Filling The Empty

What is there to do?
without the wonder of the very young…
the fiery indignation of the newly adulted…
the perpetual greed of the deeply aggressive…
there is an empty
empty’s need filling
choose carefully your contents
flowers grow only from likeminded  seeds
as do weeds.

Over and over, again and again the statement is made: This end has not been written.  With pen in hand you write today.  What is it you wish to say?  Say that.  Then say it again.  Say it loud.

As the top most controllers have left the planet, the process of removal continues; there are many layers.  This goes on behind the scenes.  Those visible to us will not be removed – that’ll be left to us.

The time is coming soon where we’ll decide how things are run.  We’ll choose who will run them.  Today we prepare the earth; the “empty” is growing.  What will we fill it with?

Our task now is this; decide who we are and live as if that were true.  Decide what we want and act as if it were already ours. Decide how life could be better and then find those people living that way.  If they don’t yet exist – become the first.

Zootopia, if you haven’t seen it, carries a message of acceptance, diversity and anyone can be anything they envision.  Perfect. We are right there, right now.  Faced with the task of running our own planet of 8 billion souls, we get to invent something new.

From this “empty” we’ll grow our new world.  It promises to be amazing, unique and unexpected – just like we are.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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